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January 05, 2017

Evolved Light Caster Class

Find the Light Caster Class in your game menu!

The Order of the LightCasters formed to support the Champion of Light, and need every mage available to fight the battle against Chaos! Head in-game and find the LightCaster Class shop in your game menu! You'll need to buy the Evolved LightCaster armor first to access the shop.  

How to get the Class

It is pretty easy! You will just need to buy the Evolved LightCaster Armor for 1000 AdventureCoins*. Then you can unlock a special shop in your game menu to get the 0 AC version of the Class! (This will be one of only two classes you can get for 1000 ACs, and with the blindingly brilliant animations and fun skills, we think it's a pretty good deal!)

*If you have the rare Enchanted LightCaster armor, you will also unlock the 0 AC version of the Class!


Class Skills: Subject to change!


2 second cooldown, 100% damage

Lingering Light:

4 second cooldown, 10 mana, mid range

Cast down an elemental light beacon upon the target. Does light damage and applies In The Spotlight increasing the amount of damage your opponent takes by 3% per stack and lasts 8 seconds if not restacked. (Stacks up to 50 times)

Light Blast:

3 second cooldown, 20 mana, 250% damage, long range

Blasts your opponent with a ball of pure light. Deals significant damage that is guaranteed to hit but cannot crit. Each hit applies a stack of Blinded by Light which decreases your opponent's chance to hit by 5% per stack and lasts 6 seconds if not restacked. Maxes out at 5 stacks.


12 second cooldown, 20 mana, 300%  healing, 6 allies

Casts a net of light upon your allies. Heals for 300% spell damage to up to 6 allies and applies Illuminated which increases damage, crit damage, crit chance, hit chance, dodge chance, haste and damage resistance all by 8% for 12 seconds. Cannot stack.

Burned by Light:

15 second cooldown, 35 mana, 500% damage, long range

You focus the power of the entire sun on a single point. Does a large amount of damage then deals 700% damage over time of 10 seconds.

Passive 1:
 Mentally Bright: Increase INT by 15%

Passive 2:  Speed of Light: Increase Haste by 15%

Passive 3: Power of the Sun: Increase Damage by 15%

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