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October 25, 2019

MASSIVE Mogloween Update

Our Mogloween 2019 Event is HERE!

Get ready for tricks, treats, and sweet rewards if you can save the day! This year, as we celebrate Mogloween, we have an all-new story event: "THAT - Chapter II: Trick or Treat." Log in this weekend, as an ancient horror returns, with his hunger is stronger than ever. As the children of Mystcroft seek sweet treats, this deceptive beast is ready to hunt them. Battle to save Bubble and her friends this weekend!

Release stats for this weekend's holiday event:

  • 34 new pets total 
  • 10 monsters to slay 
  • 3 farmable event armor sets 
  • 1 terrifyingly familiar boss 
  • 1 rare Void Witch armor set (Featured Gear Shop) 
  • 1 Midnight Masquerade armor set (Wheel of Doom Merge Shop) and... 
  • 13 wedding shop rares

Mogloween 2019 Event Rare Set: Void Witch

Our Mogloween Event Rare Void Witch set is finally here! Find it for a limited time in your Featured Gear Shop inside the game menu. Pick up the Void Orb of Summoning Pet to begin a quest to unlock the Void Witch's Summoning Circle house item.

New Wheel of Doom Merge Shop Set: Midnight Masquerade

The Wheel of Doom spins round and round... and as we celebrate Mogloween, we've added a dark new /party armor in the Wheel of Doom merge shop: the Midnight Masquerade set! 


Stryche X Amerelle Wedding Rares Shop

Stryche, the Head of HeroMart, got MARRIED on Wednesday! He found the love of his life at his martial arts dojo, and swept her off her feet (... probably not literally. I think.) As they fly off to their honeymoon, check out their wedding rares shop in your game menu.


DOUBLE Holiday Server Boost all Weekend Long

October is always a crazy month: game anniversaries, Stryche's wedding, Mogloween, power outages, and more all happened in the last four weeks. To celebrate Mogloween and all the team member+community October birthdays this month, we've added a DOUBLE server boost on all servers!

If you have a birthday this month, too, (like Cysero, Rolith, Ai no Miko, and I do, plus many of our other team members)... then happy birthday to you!

NostalgiaQuest and Achievement Tracker Reward Update

This week has SO MUCH in it. And in real-life, the devs at the lab have had an unusually hectic week. We will need to shift the 2019 Achievement Tracker + NostalgiaQuest rewards to next week. As last week was coming to a close, things were looking good for releasing the rewards with week. The art was done, items were in testing... and then this week... exploded. And then... we found some issues in testing. 

A player on Twitter asked why happened, and another person responded, "There must be technical issues they aren't telling us about."

 That's sort of true. The technical difficulty is that we are not (yet) cyborgs. Or Chronomancers. That and losing over two days this week. One where power went out at the lab, and the 2nd to Stryche's wedding. We never want to delay gifts like this, because I know you're all excited.

I am seeing a lot of frustrated posts about the delays, and I understand your frustration. When I've been in a similar situation, I've felt the same way. The team will be getting a LOT of /rest this weekend and will return to the Lab recharged and ready to knock out these updates that were pushed back. 

(And thank you to Worland AE, Oshyn, and Blank6412780 on Twitter for the reply thread that inspired this section of the DN post. You guys are AWESOME!)

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