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November 06, 2020

Kotaro's Gachapon Quests

Gotcha! Grab your Gear from Kotaro's Vending Machine

This weekend, journey into the future and meet Kotaro - a member of the mysterious Crystallis faction. You'll find him in the /onsen, a bathhouse built around the natural hotsprings in this futuristic version of Akiba. 

This weekend:

  • /join onsen
  • Slay Skello Kitties in /yokaigrave and buy Gachapon Coins from Kotaro to complete his quests
  • Save up your Second Chance Coins from the quest to get gear from his Merge Shop

Gachapon Gear

Complete Kotaro's quests in /yokaigrave to try your luck with the Onsen's Gachapon vending machines and collect a treasure trove of new gear!

"I heard you like Gacha" Quest Drops

  • Second Chance Coins
  • Onsen Helms
  • Crystallis + Onsen treats

"Decorate Your Space" Quest Drops

  • Akiban Onsen house
  • Crystallis Bonsai
  • Onsen Slippers
  • Crystallis Lockers
  • Vending Machines
  • Crystallis furniture

Gachapon Armor Merge Shop

  • Gachapon Coin (costs 100,000 gold, stacks to x300)
  • Crystallis + Dark Crystallis Jinbei armors
  • Crystallis Yukata + Yukata/Haori
  • Cool Crystallis + Onsen Yukata armors
  • Onsen Yukata + Yukata/Haori

Plus, keep an eye out for even MORE gear coming to the Onsen as daily gift drops.

The Crystallis Faction

The Crystallis is an organization which governs the version of Akiba you'll visit this weekend. It is lead by the Archivist, who is responsible for maintaining order. The fact that you’re here though means that something’s off... but there's time enough to delve into THAT mystery in the future. For right now, just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere of the /onsen. 

Seasonal Harvest Events Return

The leaves are turning colors, the birds are flying south and the sweet, sweet smell of pie is in the air. Harvest is almost here! All our seasonal Harvest maps, events, and rewards return. Then next week, we begin our three-part Harvest of Nightmares/Friday the 13th combo event! 

Battle through all our returning Harvest Fest maps:

  • /harvest
  • /cornycopia
  • /turdraken
  • /float
  • /banquet
  • /grams
  • /artixhome
  • /feast
  • /foulfarm
  • /foulestfarm
  • /killerkitchen
  • /feastofsouls
  • /harvestzombie
  • /harvestslayer
  • /feastboss
  • /fearfeast
  • /dullahan
  • /feastwar
  • /meatlab
  • /furblefeast
  • /furborgship

Verification Class Updates

Our verification classes -- Guardian, DragonLord, Star Captain, and Defender -- are unlocked by AQWorlds heroes who have also upgraded in one of our 2D, single-player games. They've been asking for years for their exclusive classes to get updates... and now the time has come!

Each week in November, we'll release another verification class update. And first up... the AdventureQuest Guardian Class update is here!

Guardian Class Overview

The Guardian class in AdventureQuest Worlds takes inspiration from the gameplay of AdventureQuest. Heroes who are familiar with the world of Lore in that game may feel right at home when using Guardian in this game.

In AQWorlds, Guardian plays as a very powerful glass cannon, dealing incredible amounts of damage, but being unable to take very much itself. Having many skills with their own costs of use, and not a high amount of healing means that Guardian won’t be able to properly play to its full potential by itself. However, if you find a few companions and guests to help buff and heal you, you’ll be able to really unlock your full power.

How to Unlock the Class

If you are a Guardian in AdventureQuest:

  1. Log into the Account Manager site at
  2. Access the 'Unlock Verify Shops' menu in the Account Manager
  3. Verify your AdventureQuest account
  4. Log back into AQWorlds and /join tower
  5. All verified Guardians can purchase the original Guardian Class. If you are level 40, you can purchase the updated class from Wyrm for 0 ACs.

If you are NOT a Guardian in AdventureQuest:

  1. Create an account at (if you don't have one yet) 
  2. Upgrade it to become an AdventureQuest Guardian on this page
  3. Follow steps 1-4 above

Read more about all of the update details in the Class Skills design notes post.

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