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June 05, 2017

This weekend: Kill or Cure?

The Book of Monsters, Chapter 2 continues on June 9th!

Kolyaban the Reshaper is the long-lost Goddess of the Darkblood. With her blessing, the Darkblood could become the strongest race on Lore. And as for the others she's touched... well. Her powers are mighty. And terrifying! Can the Reshapen be cured? Or is their fate already sealed? This weekend, work with Cleric Joy to discover answers to some very harsh questions:

If you are not up to date on our Book of Monsters: The Reshaper storyline, now's the time to log in and get battling! The story so far...

The Reshaper 1: Rumors of a Goddess?!

Your journey begins with Aria as the two of you travel from the Neverglades Battlecamp to /pilgrimage. Aria senses a disturbance in Lore's "spirit" and it's coming from the area surrouding a camp of Darkblood Pilgrims.

You'll also meet Eremon and his group of travelers, Darkblood who have journeyed in search of Kolyaban, daugher of the Queen of Monsters, and their legendary ancestor! Rumors of her appearance filtered back to Thunderforge, and a contingent was sent to discover more information.

The Rehaper: Element of Change

Seasons change from spring to summer, fall to winter. Stars fade, and children grow. For almost 15 years, we’ve watched Aria blossom into a remarkable young girl. But nothing stays the same forever. Now, the time has come for her and the Darkblood race to branch out. Aria's ready to make her mark on the world... you and Eremon just need to find her first!

RIGHT NOW, log in and battle alongside Eremon, leader of the band of Darkblood Pilgrims, as you attempt to rescue the kidnapped Aria AND search for any sign of his goddess, Kolyaban, first daughter of the Queen of Monsters!

Find the Darkblood LoreKeeper armor in the Rep shop and 6 new monster and boss drops as you battle the creatures in the /twistedcavern!

Oh. And we don't want to spoil anything for you but... OMG YOU GUYS, a THING HAPPENED! When you hit the big surprise, tweet me your reaction!

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