Design Notes

June 29, 2018

Prize Pool Awards Go Out Tonight

Prize Pool Raffle: Guardian of Energy Set + Treasure Pack

On Monday, June 25th, all heroes could talk to Khuddar Khamundi in Battleon to get tickets for the Guardian of Energy set and Treasure Pack

Tonight, Captain Rhubarb will choose to winners of the June 2018 Prize Pool. 7,500 Energy Ticket winners and 10,000 Treasure Pack winners will be chosen. (Note: the member badge shop is available to current and previous members. Gear inside will be 0 AC.)

Ticket Details

  • Tickets will be available until 5:00 PM EST on Friday, June 29th
  • Tickets cannot be sold
  • Each ticket gives you a chance to get the set or pack associated with it
  • If your ticket is selected, it will be removed and you will get your rewards automatically

Guardian of Energy prize winners will automatically receive their Book of Lore and character page badges, and can buy their 0 AC set items from the badge shop.

Treasure Pack prize winners will have their 5 Treasure Chest Keys and 100,000 gold automatically added to their inventory and account.

If you do not win one of the above prizes, 3 60-minute Class Points boosts will be directly added to your inventory.

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