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December 28, 2018

January 2019 Event Calendar

A Month of Good, Evil, and Birthdays!

2019 is here, and that means... time to /party - this month is the month of BIRTHDAYS! We're celebrating the new year and a host of AE team member birthdays, including Vesper, Crulon, Nulgath, Stryche, and Memet. The adventures will continue all month long, so gear up and get ready to /SLAY!

January 1
New Year's 2019 update + January ArchFiend Overlord Seasonal Set + Vesper's Birthday Shop

January 4: Crulon's Djinn Realm Mystery Quest + Void ChronoKnight upgrade bonus gear

January 11: Memet's Spook-easy Birthday* + Fiendish Wheel of Doom update

January 18Nulgath's Birthday Scavenger Hunt + Nulgath's Birthday Shop**

January 25Stryche's Were-Bear Birthday Event + Nulgath's Birthday Shop update

* At long-last, we are celebrating Memet's November birthday... now!
** If you were a 1st Upholder in OverSoul, you are going to be VERY happy with the free gift you'll get in AQW - the Void Awakening gear! The gear will release in Nulgath's birthday shop, but YOU will get it for FREE!

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