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January 29, 2021

Beleen's Pink Shop is BACK!

Available from your Featured Gear Shop until February 28th!

It's time to put on your rose colored glasses as we prepare to celebrate Beleen’s belated birthday. We've had a ton of requests asking for the return of our pink-themed gear shop... and this week, we are delivering!

After asking for your ideas on Twitter, we got FLOODED with requests! We couldn't create all of them for this weekend, but fortunately… Hero’s Heart Day is only a few weeks away, so we’ll get a second pink shop update out for you. In honor of Beleen the Pinkomancer's unbirthday, we’ve made a number of items permanently available in her shops, and the seasonal gear will be available until February 28th.

Beleen's Pink Merge Shop

Each of the items listed requires its base item + dyes. These items will be permanently available in Beleen's shop in the /tower map. 

  • Void Pink Dreadsaw
  • Taro's Pretty Manslayer
  • Pink Doomfire Warrior 
  • Pink Imp Tail
  • Viole(n)t Unarmed
  • Pretty Pink Scarbucks Drink
  • Pretty Valor High Halo
  • Doge the Pink
  • Pretty Shimmering Flakes
  • Pink Rose
  • Void of NOOOO-Gasp!*
  • Hex of NOOOO-Gasp!*
  • Blood of NOOOO-Gasp!*

* Instead of their rare, base armors, the Void, Blood, and Hex armors require Nulgath Nation reagents, dyes, and a special potion and will go rare on February 28th, 2021.

Beleen's Pink Gear Shop

These items will be permanently available in Beleen's shop in the /tower map.

  • Fierce Pink Pie-rate (AC/member gold versions)
  • Kawaii Bongo Cat Hair/Locks
  • Prismatic 7-Tailed Fox Tail
  • Smitten Noble Morph (AC/member gold versions)
  • Rose of the Fire Avatar
  • Fuschia Flames of the Fire Avatar
  • Gaze of a Queen's Dark Heart
  • Kawaii School Uniform (AC/member gold versions)
  • Cheery Hair'do
  • Lovely Violaceous Wings
  • Devolution Dye

Featured Gear Shop

The following items will go rare on February 28th, 2021.

  • Burgundy Fairy Tale Wedding
  • Burgundy Maul armor + helms
  • Arcane LoveCaster Armor + helms
  • Pink Formal Dark Caster armor + accessories

The following items will be seasonally available for Beleen's birthday.

  • Pomegrante Twist armor, helms, and lollipop
  • Violet Zealith Reaver
  • Chibi Nulgath Surfboard
  • Royal Doom Lords
  • Safiria Rose Tribute armor
  • Magical Kawaii Neko hairs
  • Cheery Chibi Fox
  • Cran-Orange Nubmuffin
  • Strawberry Mochi Mochi pet
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