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May 08, 2013

Irony X3 Limited Time Shop

Iron Warriors... Assemble!*

Replace your weapons of steel and iron! Man your battle-stations with the latest cutting-edge gear from our Irony X3 Limited Time Shop** and victory will be yours! Remember: in a fantasy game, it's always a good idea to bring a Blaster Beam to a blade fight, so become the Iron Warrior you never expected to be!

* Ok, wrong franchise, but it sounds so good!
** What's so ironic about this obviously high-tech, science-filled gear? It's all powered by MAGIC! ***

Irony X3: Become an Iron Warrior!

The Irony X3 Shop will be in-game until next week (keep an eye on the countdown timer!) and includes:

  • Cobalt Irony Man Armor set
  • Carbon Irony Man Armor set
  • Titanium Irony Man Armor set
  • Blaster Beam Mace
  • Dual Blaster Beam Daggers
  • Paladinum Blade

*** Irony is when what you expect (here, a science-powered armor) is different from what actually IS (the Irony Man gear being powered by magic).

Tomorrow: Missing Left Sock Day!

Get ready for a SOCK HUNT! Starting tomorrow, you'll need to hunt through the game to find socks. They may be on trees, they may be on rocks. They may be on hills, they may be on crops. Once you find them, click on the sock to open the FOUND Sock shop!

We don't know WHERE the Middle Sock came from.

Find these socky items in the shop tomorrow:

  • Missing Middle Sock Dragon Pet (member-only)
  • ChaoSock Puppet Pet (member-only)
  • Nolly Sock Helm and Troll Sock Helms (for AdventureCoins)
  • Sockarang and Dual Sockarangs (non-member weapons)

NEW Cinco de Mayo Weapons! Maracas of DOOM +15!

Break some skulls and SHAKE your way to victory! Grab the new Maracas of DOOM +15 from the Cinco de Mayo 2013 shop, because they do 15% more damage against undead! 

Fiesta in AQW for Cinco de Mayo!Fiesta in AQWorlds this weekend!

Cinco de Mayo Celebration Gear

You'll find the Cinco de Mayo shop in your Dragon Menu, and it's packed fuller than the pinata pet with equips for the whole party, Guild, or clan of worthy warriors!

  • Maraca of DOOM +15 (member and AC versions)
  • Maracas and Dos Maracas weapons!
  • Mariachi Armor!
  • Sombrero and Big Sombrero helms!
  • Pinata Pet! 
    (It leaves a trail of candy when it runs! SWEET!)
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