Design Notes

January 03, 2012


The Next Winner Of The I CAN HAS MOD Contest Has Been Chosen!

Things went a little smoother this time. The winner happened to be online when we chose them so it was very easy to get in touch with them.

We spoke for a while and I explained what he was won and he seemed a little overwhelmed by the idea of the wish. He asked for a little extra time, so we'll be hanging out for a few hours this Sunday and he will make his wish then, while wearing his temporary gold name.

His wish will probably be granted the following Monday.

Since the winner was easily contacted and we didn't have to go to a second choice, there will only be ONE winner this time. Honestly there was only supposed to be one winner LAST time but the first winner got back to us after we'd given up on him e-mailed the second one. Deep down we're big softies so we let both of them win. But this time... just one winner.

He has asked that we do not reveal his name until his wish is granted which I think is a great idea. It shows a lot of forethought on his part. Imagine how many people would be trying to log into that account, asking him for favors, trying to friend him and so on. That means that he's a smart cookie and I can't wait to see what he wishes for!

I CAN tell you this... He is a NON-MEMBER from New Zealand and had several HUNDRED entries under his belt, all of which were AEXtras. He made sure that the odds were in his favor, but remember that even someone with just 1 entry could have won.

97,902 people entered this time and that means that 97,902 people have Cysero's Golden Cheezburger and like last time this item WILL turn into something (probably next Monday) so make sure to hold onto it.

We will probably (maybe) be starting the next contest late this week and THIS time the winner will get to pick who they want to hang out with!

Great, So What's Coming This Week?!

The AQW team is back in the AE Secret Underground Lab and rested up after traveling all over creation to spend the holidays with our famalies, kicking through the snow, and taking red-eye flights in order to get back here on time. That may not seem restful to you but to us that's like a holiday in paradise.

The first release of 2012 will be the Member Only Mid-Week mini-release which takes us back to Lolosia for a brand new pirate adventure.

On Friday we will continue the Desoloth storyline (The first part of which can be found in the 11-11-11 Portal) in the Etherstorm Wastes! Since most of the content in the DragonPlane is Member Only, you will NOT need to complete it to begin your adventure in Etherstorm Wastes but it will add to your enjoyment of the story if you know the backstory of what happened when Desoloth the elemental dragon was set free.

We're also working a number of other projects like next week's Friday the 13th Event with Special Guest (you GUEST it) Voltaire! We'll let you know more about THAT stuff as we make our way further and further into this shiny new year!

353 days until Just Another Day.

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