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November 14, 2014

AQW's Hunger Games Tribute

Presenting the Extinction Games: Hero Under Fire!

This Friday, Harvest Fest meets Hunger Games! The AI-controlled HAMM processed Meat Factory has become sentient and has begun to play a deadly game… and its victory means total human annihilation!

Will YOU become the MockingSlayer?

If you don’t want to feed this machine’s desire for destruction, you’ll have to rescue the factory workers trapped inside before they are purified, processed, and pureed, then flip the kill switch on this ravenous AI. Keep your wits and blades sharp because in Lore... you ARE what you EAT!

Hero Under Fire: The Tribute is YOU!

Rules of the Extinction Games

  • /join Extinction to help Katnip battle through the Extinction Games Challenge set by Overseer SN.O.W.
  • The clock is ticking! If you don't get to the control room and shut him down... it'll be GAME OVER!
  • IF you defeat SN.O.W. you'll unlock two farming boss fights (one level 65!) to farm for merge shop resources!

The game is on! Will YOU survive?

Talk to Katnip in /extinction to check out the Rares shop full of fiery, animated gear,* then make sure to stop by Battleon and talk to Draigar to see his Draconic DoomKnight AC package sets!

PS: Turn your Music ON! Ghost made an INCREDIBLE soundtrack for this week's release! I've had it on loop all day.

* Non-animated versions will be in the merge shop. Animated flame versions will go rare.

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