Design Notes

December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hellooooooo 2011!

Lim has returned to the frozen north to help is close out 2010 with a BANG! Literally.

Well, that's what he INTENDED but once again he can't get his science all in one bucket and he needs your help to stop the ever hungry Icemaster Yeti from munching on this gizmos and doo-dads.

If you completed the quest last year you'll need to do them all over again this year to unlock Lim's New Year's Shop, but this isn't the same old shop as last year...

I mean, sure it's got all the same items as last year to help you ring in the new year in style and something like class, But we've more than DOUBLED the number of items availble to you, including 2 brand new armors sets with matching weapons and all new 2011 themed weapons, which will go RARE as soon as the event closes... because New Year's Eve 2010-2011 only happens once.

Quibble has also recieved his last items of 2010, Skyline's Moglin Defender set. It's a whole new take on the furry, little things re-rmagined in steel plate and shiny gold! There's even a matching pet!

Quibble WILL be leaving NEXT FRIDAY (finally). I really hope everyone who got ACs or Battleon Points has gotten everything they want out of the overloaded little moglin. We'll be sad to see him go but look forward to his return. I wonder what he's going to bring next time?


Lim's House Item Shop

After completing Lim's Quests you will also be able to open his House shop which contains only two items but two very SPECIAL house items.

The Jukebox item that will allow you to make everyone in your house dance but it only works for the owner of the house. Just click it and watch everyone get down wit they bad selves.

You'll also find the Golden Boot Plaque. This unique item will allow the owner of the house to select an unwanted guest and give them the BOOT. Before they know it, your party crasher will land in Battleon and they won't lnow what hit them!

This is your FIRST chance to get these items but you WILL be able to get them in the future!

Frostscythe Item Buff

DragonMaster Frostscythe is recieving theĀ  new items as promised today, as a thank you to the members for allowing the non-members to play in your Frost area. Miltonius has worked all week on these new items including a Frostscythe Axe, Frostscythe Mace and Shield combo item, Frostscythe Daggers, Frostscythe's cloak and even a mini-Frostscythe pet!

Frostval Keep On Moving!

You guys have made this the best Frostval yet for us and we'll be a little sad to see it end but it's not over yet! You still have a week before the road to Frostvale closes again for another entire year. Drink your MogNog, Sing with your friends by the fire and be merry! All good things must come to an end. uh... Next Week.

We hope you guys have all had a great holiday. We all took a little time out of insane production schedule to spend some time with our friends, family and loved ones but we CAN'T WAIT to get back to work on all new AQW adventures in the new year.

We plan on making 2011 our best year yet! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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