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December 05, 2014

Tis the Season To Be Slaying!

Frostval Begins as All Our Seasonal Events Return!

Journey to Frostvale to battle through AQW's coolest holiday events now as all of our previous years' Frostval events return! Save Frostvale, stop the Ice Symbiote infection, watch a young Empress Gravelyn experience her first Frostval, take down the ancient Questzal beast and get WAY TOO MANY presents! 

/Join Frostval to begin battling the most coldhearted villains in Lore! Quest through the following areas to save the Spirit of Frostval, moglins... and the WORLD! Battle through 14 maps, unlock 12 shops and, if you've upgraded your account, /join icerisepast to see what life in the Keep was like just before Kezeroth arose!

The Bonebreaker Adventure Badge is LIVE!

This week, we're introducing a new type of upgrade package: the BoneBreaker ADVENTURE package! I REALLY love this idea, because instead of just getting an armor set when you upgrade, you unlock an entire zone with a full map, quest chain, boss battles, merge shop, and monster drops! 

See all the details in this post.

Starting tonight, find the upgrade package available on our website, portal site, and in-game! When you get the BoneBreaker package for $34.95 USD, you'll immediately unlock:

  • The Bonebreaker Outcast armor 
  • The BoneBreaker Fortress map
  • A character page badge

Next week, you'll unlock:

  • A full map zone in /bonebreak
  • A new boss and minions
  • A quest chain to take Braddok BoneBreaker DOWN
  • Boss Drops and a merge shop
  • 2+ armor sets
  • A farming quest that will reward 1 of 15 potions or game boosts plus merge shop resources
  • 3 months of membership
  • And 2000 AdventureCoins!

In addition, ANYONE with an ACTIVE membership will be able to join you in the map (so if you've got friends who are Legends but don't get the package, you can still battle alongside them)! 

Frostval 2014 Release Lineup!

Don't miss ANYTHING, because we've got a month of holiday awesomeness to thrill and chill you!

  • 12/12: Winter’s Heart dungeon
  • 12/12: Tundra Hunter Limited Time Shop and Beleen's Birthday
  • 12/12: J6's birthday gear leaves!
  • 12/19: Part 1 of our NEW Frostval/Main storyline release
  • 12/19: Quibble Coinbiter returns with his holiday shop
  • 12/23: New Frostval release, Part 2 and Cryomancer Class!
  • 12/26: 72 hour Frostval rare drop + 2x ALL BOOSTS 
  • 12/30: Part 3 of our Frostval release/New Years' event
  • 1/2: 72 hour FNew Year's rare drop + 2x ALL BOOSTS 
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