Design Notes

December 20, 2018

Design Class: Frostval Barbarian


This year we’re bringing back the seasonal holiday class with a bang! Ever want to be a festive machine of death? Welcome to Frostval Barbarian! 

All about the Class:

Frostval Barbarians are givers and takers, depending on how mad they are. While not Enraged, you’re a gift giving god and one of the best supports in the game. While Enraged, you are an AoE damaging beast, destroying any minion in your path.

There are two ways to get the Class:

  1. Buy it from Robina's Class Shop in /frostvale for 2,000 ACs
  2. Complete Robina's quest to unlock the 0 AC version

If you purchased the 10k Frostval Collection Chest, you'll find the 0 AC Class inside your chest after tonight's update.

Frostval Barbarian Quest

Earning this Class is a sign that you've completed the majority of our Frostval seasonal events, and requires you to revisit some of the quests and areas you've completed in the past to get new items.

  1. Get a new drop from the Forest Guardian Gauntlet quest in /alpine

  2. Get a new drop from the Holly and Ice quest in /coldwindvalley

  3. Get the Sword of Hope from the shop in /icerisekeep

  4. Get the Sassafras' War Helm from the Ballista Cables quest in /battlefield

  5. Get a new drop from the Defeat Karok quest in /northstar

  6. Get the Infernal Ice Heart from Vinara’s Odds Shop in /battleontown (Requires 5 Crypto Tokens and 5 Frozen Orbs from this year's event boss.)

The Barbarians of Frostvale are known for their Strength, Endurance, and Dexterity. Prove that you possess these traits, and you, too, can become a Frostvale Barbarian.



Description: Recommended enhancement: Fighter. During Frostval these nomadic wanderers from the north travel from town to town giving gifts and protecting those in need. You don't want to be on their naughty list though, else be on the receiving end of their most infamous gift - their pure rage.

Mana Regeneration: Frostvale Barbarians gain mana from all hits landed in combat, and especially on critical hits.  The amount depends on damage relative to *their own* HP total.


Barbaric Strike
Deals 100% of your weapon damage to up to 3 targets. Can't miss but can't crit.

Type: Physical 
ManaCost: 0 
Cooldown: 3 seconds 
AOE: 1 
Long Range 
Dam: 100% weapon damage

Rank 1: Frostval Gifts
Frostval Gifts gives you and up to 4 allies a heal over time that lasts 10 seconds. If you’re Enraged, instead you get Frozen Beard. Frozen Beard reduces yours and up to 3 allies damage taken by 30% for 10 seconds.

Type: Physical 
ManaCost: 20 
Cooldown: 5 seconds 
AOE: 5
Long Range

Rank 2: Winter's Depress
Depress your foe with a non-damaging wintry blast. Reduces up to 3 opponent’s haste by 20% for 10 seconds. Stacks to 4.

Type: Physical 
ManaCost: 20 
Cooldown: 8 seconds 
AOE: 3
Long Range

Rank 3: Silver Thaw/Maw/Jaw
Heals 20 mana for yourself, and applies Silver Thaw, Silver Maw, and Silver Jaw to yourself and 4 allies. Silver Thaw reduces mana costs by 15%, Silver Maw  increases crit chance by 10%, and Silver Jaw increases crit damage by 20%. All 3 effects last 10 seconds and stack to 4.

Type: Physical 
ManaCost: -20 
Cooldown: 8 seconds 
AOE: 5
Long Range 

Rank 4 Passive: Festive Suit

Reduces damage taken by 15%

Rank 4 Passive: Barbaric

Increases haste by 50%

Rank 5:  Enrage
Deals 300% weapon damage to up to 3 targets and applies Enrage. Enrage lasts 10 seconds. While Enraged, your haste is reduced by 100% but your damage is increased by 100%. Also removes Frostval Gifts. Enrage can't crit but can't miss.

Type: Physical 
ManaCost: 10 
Cooldown: 3 seconds 
AOE: 3
Long Range 
Dam: 300% weapon damage

Rank 10 Passive: Gifted

Increases Strength by 20%

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