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December 21, 2018

Our New Frostval Event is LIVE

New Story, AC Gift, Frostval Class, Server Boost, and more!

Battle through the past, present, and future with Cysero and Warlic in our homage to a famous holiday tale… “A Frostval Peril!” Face off against Xanta Claus, IceMaster Yeti, and one of the coldest, most magically-powerful Infernal Mages Lore NEVER wants to see come to power. Teach Warlic the meaning of Frostval and bring joy, cheer, and PRESENTS to all this weekend!

After the release, find the Spacetimebobulator in /frostvalperil to begin the farming quest to unlock the pieces of the 0 AC CheerCaster set!

Holiday Limited Quantity Shop

Our Holiday Limited Quantity sets go on-sale tonight at 6 PM EST (and will restock throughout the weekend). Find Dage's Holiday Paragon of Light set, Nulgath's Santa Warlic set, and more at our Limited Quantity Sets page… but hurry, because once they’re sold out, they’re gone forever! Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore and on your character page.

Frostval Barbarian Class

Become a Frostval Barbarian! Battle to save the world by channeling your inner fury. This is one of our best support classes… unless the “Enraged” status is active. Then, you become an AoE-damaging beast, destroying any minion in your path. Immediately unlock the Class for 2,000 ACs in Robina’s Class shop, or quest to unlock a 0 AC variant.

AQW community artist Yo Lae made SO many amazing Frostval Barbarian items that we added several of them to Giefury, as 0 AC monster drops.

Holiday Paladin Gift

Talk to Robina in Frostvale to quest for the Holiday Paladin set! Take on ANY of the very festive Vordred bosses for a chance to get the 12 Santa Skulls needed. Turn in the quest to unlock the entire 0 AC set! The Holiday Paladin armor and cape are a gift from the AQW team to you, so the higher the level of Vordred you take on, the higher the drop rate for the Santa Skulls!

Please note: the female Paladin armor file was corrupted late this afternoon. You will see the male art until Monday, when a fix is rolled.

2018 Holiday AC Gift

Every year, we award free AdventureCoins to all the heroes who have been battling alongside us through the winter events... and this year is no exception! We are giving 500 FREE AdventureCoins to all heroes who log into their account manager with a confimed email address as our way of saying "thanks!" for supporting and enjoying AQWorlds this year.

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