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January 11, 2017

So many things are happening

Read on to get news you need to know!

We've had a lot going on this week - the server rewrite bugs list is shrinking rapidly, the team is on track to launch the release early Friday afternoon, Adobe rolled out a new patch for Flash, and Artix & Dage are preparing to leave for the Anime Impule Expo at 5 AM tomorrow. Read on to get a flash (and Flash) briefing!

Update Your Flash Player!

GOOD NEWS! Adobe just released an update fixing the major issue with the Flash Player Plugin which fixes the slow connect / increased login time issue. Update your Adobe Flash player at

Random Monster Respawn Changes

One of the major bugs for the server rewrite involved some weirdness with random monster spawns breaking. To combat that right now, we are removing the random respawns. Each monster pad will only spawn a single monster. If you aren't sure why your favorite farming spots have changed, this is why.

Server Rewrite: The Final 16

That's right. Yorumi's bugs list is down to the FINAL 16 bugs before we can roll out the new server and client. These include:

  • Removing the last of the random monster respawns
  • Not being able to change equipment when you are cast on while outside of combat
  • Every time the HoT ticks, it causes combat to reengage.
  • Enhancements aren't color coded
  • Awe Enhancements not giving their specials
  • Awe Enhancements not showing their full name
  • Two maps showing black screens
  • Door in /chaoscrypt not opening
  • Rep Panel not functioning properly
  • Travel map not showing Dwarfhold complete
  • A few graphical glitches with directional arrows
  • Ballyhoo is being stingy, not giving rewards
  • House spaces not reading cap properly
  • House items resetting
  • Cannot promote or demote in guilds

Are you experiencing a bug in the test servers that is NOT on the list above? If so, we need you to report it on the Bug Tracker at! And Cemaros (who runs our bugs crew) reminds me to ask:

Please make sure you put your character name when submitting bug reports, and make sure your email address is spelled properly! We cannot help you or get more information if we don't know who you are.

Testing Server DOUBLE BOOST on Thursday and Friday

To give you guys an incentive to help test this week (and maaaaaaybe this weekend? We'll see!), tomorrow morning once Yorumi gets online, we will start double XP, Rep, Gold, and Class Points boosts on the testing servers only. This is a great time to log in, see how the new servers feel, and send us any feedback or bug reports that may have been overlooked!

Getting a White Screen in AQW?

Over the last few weeks, we've gotten reports about players seeing a whitescreen when they go to play AQW. If that's happening to you, read on! We've tracked the issue down to two ISPs in the Philippines. This issue is out of our control, but on the plus side, once the ISP's cache clears, you should be good to play again! 

If it is happening to you, please contact your Internet Service Provider directly.

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