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May 09, 2011

Friday the 13th or Bust!

The Wild West is the Unluckiest

Especially THIS weekend, when our wildest, deady-liest, most ship-shape Friday the 13th event yet kicks off! Featuring music from Voltaire's newest CD- "Hate Lives in a Small Town"- the event will rock ALL your worlds, from the desert you remember to an alien planet you should have never discovered!

So join us at sunset this Friday the 13th for a wild-west country-fest of an event happening RIGHT HERE and filled with out-of-this-world antics, epic rare gear, and the revelation of Deady's TRUE form!

And speaking of epic rare gear...

The Boogie Man is going to get you! (Unless you equip this armor first.) Made by Mennace, the Boogie Man set includes a nightmarish armor, a horrifying helm, and a sword that will slash the creepycrawlies that try to invade your dreams at night.

But that's not all the loot we've got for you! (It's only the gear that was turned in today.) Expect more armors, more items, and more weapons of bad-luck destruction! (That's a weapon that will take down unlucky monsters, don'cha know.) An AC Event Rare shop packed with items will also haunt your dreams- and your log-ins!

Friday the 13th: Warning sign

All good friggatriskaidekaphobics (people afraid of Friday the 13th) should know how to tell when one is coming up! The dreaded day occurs at least once a year in the Gregorian calendar and, at most, three times a year. Any month starting on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th.

The more you know... the more you can plan for undead invasions, unwelcome incursions, and unexpected attacks!

You make your own luck

Friday the 13th might be coming, but we're not going to let superstitions stop us! I've got a black cat and Cysero has broken his fair share of mirrors during his years as a mad weaponsmith, and we're still good to go.

So whether you believe in bad luck or scoff at the superstitious, we'll see you on Twitter, the forums, and Facebook right up until sunset Friday. Once the sun goes down... who knows?*

Play on, pardners!

*Artix knows. He says, "You'll be playing the release, just like the rest of us!" Guess that answers THAT question!

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