Design Notes

January 20, 2014

Dream Day Class Points Boost

Battle Today as you Dream for a Better Tomorrow!

Today is Martin Luther King Jr day in the United States. He's one of my personal heroes, and a real-life warrior for just causes: he saw injustice being done and wasn't afraid to stand up and take action to combat it.

We all have dreams, and sometimes you need to be willing to fight for yours - whether that is something you want to change in your life or the world around you.

In reality, we don't get to run around waving swords and shouting battlecries, but if you have a cause you feel strongly about, what you CAN do is gather your friends and family and help them spread the word. With enough movement behind you, one voice becomes many, and change IS possible! 

Dream Day Holiday Bonuses!

With so many of you guys out of school/work for today's holiday, we have a server-wide Class Points boost going on! Get 15% more Class Points on ALL servers, or 20% more on our Legend-only servers!

And until 11:59 PM server time this Thursday, if you /join lair, you can take on the Red Dragon for a chance to get the Ultra Switch Katana! The katana is a 0AC weapon for free storage! It starts out the size of a switch blade, but click its handle and you'll have a Switch Katana!

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