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February 22, 2016

Last Chance for February Rare Gear

Don't miss any of the Sweet Rare Items from this Month!

ALL the rare items from February leave game FOREVER next Friday, March 4th! So if you love the Valentine's gear or want to get your /party on with our wicked Carnaval collection... or just can't fight without our Chinese New Year homage items... this is the time to head in-game and check out the rare items! 

This week's Rare Gear Shop update features the Love Hunter set from Goddess!

Carnaval and Yokai New Year Gear!

It’s double the festival fun and twice the number holiday exclusive items as we celebrate Carnaval AND Yokai New Year this week! 

Previous February Rares updates include:

  • Fiery Fenix Armor
  • 2 Fiery Fenix Helms
  • Fiery Fenix Armblades
  • Fiery Fenix Plumes Cape
  • Oni to Kijo Armor
  • 5 Oni Helms
  • 4 different Oni weapons
  • 2 capes: Oni Rune Cape and Floating Oni Cape
  • the Lucky Red Monkey Babies pet
  • Love Commander armor set (member-only and AdventureCoin versions
  • Battle Q-Pid armor set

Find the February Rare Gear shop in your game menu until Friday, March 4th!

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