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January 31, 2017

February Calendar of Events

It's a Short Month, but We've got a Long List of Fun!

It's almost February here in the real world, and we've got a TON of plans for the coming month inside the game. Read on and mark your calendars so you don't miss a thing.

  • Thursday, Feb 2nd: Groundhorc's Day
  • Friday, Feb 3rd: Mysterious Quest + Blood Samurai February Upgrade Bonus
  • Sunday, Feb 5th: Punt Twilly in the LoreBowl - Loyalists vs Doom Phoenixes
  • Friday, Feb 10th: Hero's Heart Day Returns... with a new OTP?!
  • Feb 10 - 12th: Weekend of Love Server Boosts! Get 15% more XP and Gold!
  • Friday, Feb 17th: Travel to a dark fortress, home to the Infernal Invasion force
  • Friday, Feb 24th: Carnaval returns with a new /party + seasonal gear
  • Feb 24 - 26th: Party Weekend! Get 15% more Rep and Class Points!
  • Tuesday: Feb 28th: It's Pancake Day! Get all Oishi's tasty treats at the Inn!

Say Goodbye To...

  • Tuesday, Jan 31st: All Frostval event maps, seasonal gear, and drops
  • Friday, Feb 3rd: Friday the 13th gear, LightCaster Class*, Nulgath's Birthday, January Featured Shop, January Bonus gear
  • Monday, Feb 6th: Groundhorc's Day leaves
  • Wednesday, Feb 8th: Superbowl Sunday Shop leaves
  • Friday, Mar 3rd: Hero's Heart Day + Carnaval events leave
  • Friday, Mar 3rd: Blood Samurai February Upgrade Bonus gear leaves

Server Rewrite Update

The week of balance! Arklen and the class testers are focusing all week long on monster and class balance on the PTR servers. If you hop on towards the middle of the week, you might notice some changes. Make sure to send him your feedback on Twitter and on the forum and thoughts on how the strength/stats feel.

New this morning: a VERY odd bug where items disappear from your inventory on PTR servers. First time this one's shown up in testing. O_O Yorumi is pulling out the BIG BUG BLASTER! He is continuing to address the issues you guys are finding on the PTR servers.

We've gotten a lot of questions about why the rewrite is taking so long. There's an easy answer, and a realistic one. Yorumi is rebuilding the game's server and client from scratch... with 8 years worth of content to account for... and essentially all on his own. This is a challenge we knew he was up to, but our time estimates were (admittedly very) off since it is the first time he'd tackle a project of this magnitude. But that is the fun (and frenzy) of real-time, week to week development!

Thank you to everyone logging on and reporting the bugs you find!

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