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June 23, 2017

Quibble Coinbiter is BACK!

And this time, he needs YOUR help!

Quibble Coinbiter, the rare item seller, brings you gear “liberated” from many different timelines, and he’s back in Battleon for a few weeks. There’s just one problem -- the time-traveling fairies who supply his gear have gone missing.  This weekend, log in and travel through space and time to uncover and unlock all-new rare gear! 

Travel across vast distances and timelines as you hunt for gear to fill Quibble's shop. 

  • The clans of Aerodu and Nautica from AdventureQuest
  • DragonFable's Willowshire (it's under attack!)
  • The OverSoul
  • Battle through many miles of the Void
  • And more

As you battle, you'll have a chance to get reward drops and resources to spend in Quibble's Private Stock merge shop. Alnd along the way, try to unravel the mysterious disappearance of the time-travel fairies, or Quibble might have to hire you to fill ALL his future shops!

Quibble's Elemental Rares Shop

It's elemental - rare hunters LOVE Quibble Coinbiter! And this week, he returns with air, water, and fire-themed gear from the past, present, and future. Find the Aerodux BattleMageNautican Knight, and more, only available for a limited time. And thanks to the magic of time-travel, you can access Quibble's rares shop even BEFORE you begin this weekend's release!

Nulgath's Void Monk Armor

Nothing says "Void" like gear from Nulgath the ArchFiend! This weekend, as you battle your way through the Void to help Quibble Coinbiter, keep your eyes peeled and your shield up because you may just run into his li'l friend... Skew. And Skew has some mighty valuable vouchers you can exchange for Nulgath's Void Monk armor (or a Skew pet, if that's more your fancy)!

Note 1: all of the gear in Quibble's Private Stock Shop will be permanently available. 
Note 2: A color-custom version of the Void Monk will be available in Quibble's shop for a limited time.

Dage's Dricken Battle

Long-time AdventureQuest Worlds artist Dage the Evil has been working primarily with the AQ3D team for a while now. But this weekend, he's returned to AQW to bring you one of his most favorite monsters... the Dricken! Find this beast in the Void and battle it to unlock its full armor set!

Darkblood Civil War Rewards

Thanks to everyone who battled to help us finish the Darkblood Civil War by the deadline - we unlocked the summer surfboard war rewards! Find the 0 AC reward boards in the locations listed below. Then find the 4 other 2018 reward surfboards in the Summer Shop... a full year early! (Thanks for the time-travel, Quibble!) These boards WILL return next year, but after that, will go rare.

The rare Darkblood Paragon armor has also been added to the war merge shop, for AdventureCoins.

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