Design Notes

February 19, 2016

Journey to Dreadrock Citadel

The Gates of Evil's New Home Open this Weekend!

After the Queen of Monsters rose and the Alliance of Good and Evil shattered, heroes across Lore fled the Chaos. The Evil Heroes of Lore founded (*cough* stole) a new home for themselves, created from the ruins of an ancient keep… and they call it: Dreadrock Citadel!

Meet the Denizens of Dreadrock!

This ancient citadel was created by a race of alien beings fleeing... something... but no one alive today knows who they are, what they fled, or where they came from. What we DO know is that Dreadrock Citadel, located on the western coast of Skullholme, is where Lore’s darkest beings gather in the post apo-CHAOS-lyptic world to do business.

No single group controls this city, making this near-invulnerable fortress the perfect neutral meeting place. No one has ever dared to attack it, since doing so could incur the wrath of every evil faction on Lore... not to mention the remarkably (sometimes deceptively) deadly residents who call Dreadrock home!

  • Kaiser Vance, the Anti-Hero
  • Sirenia, of the Undead Legion
  • Shakaz, the Shadowscythe Juggernaut
  • Nihillus Rex, Void Emissary, and Enntropy, the Abyssal Translator
  • Xisor, Dreadrock Weapons Dealer 
  • Deathgore, an... Ordinary Goldfish?!!?*
  • And more!

* Spoilers, NOT an ordinary goldfish!

Dreadrockin' New Rewards!

This new Evil town is pretty home-y... if you like stalking through the shadows and making deals for goods on the black market! And speaking of gear... check out the new rewards Dreadrock's bringing to the table! 

In order to earn the items below, you'll need to battle to earn gold AND level up -- the shopkeepers in Dreadrock won't sell to neophyte heroes!

  • Dark Elementalist and Dark Merchant items in the Gear shop
  • Doomed Mage, Warrior, and Ranger gear in the Rep Shop
  • And more!
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