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June 03, 2011

DoomWood Part 2 is LIVE!

Did you know the undead LOVE malls?

In game, I am on my way to DoomWood to battle endless waves of skeletons and find out why you did not tell me about the UNDEAD INVASION!? How could you not tell me about something like that? Guess I will find out shortly. When I was passing by BattleOn I saw that Quibble Coinbiter is in town selling new, never-before-seen rare items... from the future (all thanks to Quibble's midly corrupt time traveling fairy supplier) My undead senses are tingling and I see a Mall in your future!

DoomWood MiniBoss

The Chopping Maul: Cause' zombies love Malls

New in this release

  • Quibble Coinbiter is in town for a limited time with amazing RARES! (Crafted by Dage, Nulgath, Mennace)
  • Also, at the last minute J6 added some hockey themed items in honor of the playoffs for all of your Hockey Fans! (Note: Some zombies are also fans of Hockey masks.. but just on Fri the 13th)
  • 3 new DoomWood Cutscenes
  • The Chopping Maul - DoomWood's Mall
  • 4 new monsters - The personal Chopper, The Shellatin, Slimeskull and THE CREATURE CREATION miniboss

Note: This week's release is crazy and lighthearted as future parts of DoomWood will be very serious. This week is leading up to the Tower of Necromancy which is coming next week -- so be sure to be caught up in the plotline before then! The Tower of Necromancy will include a challenging puzzle minigame, the appearance of a surprise character, and voice acting :-)

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