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June 28, 2011

Paladin and DoomKnight BUFF!

The war between light and darkness

The war raging on between the forces of light and darkness is causing an unexpected effect on Paladins and DoomKnights across the world... they are becoming more powerful. This Friday, those who possess the member-only Paladin and DoomKnight classes, will find themselves far more formitable in combat. However, due to the new power of these classes, those who do not yet possess either class will find these classes MUCH harder to aquire.

DoomKnight and Paladin Buff


Currently the DoomKnight class is 10,000 gold and Member (located in ShadowFall). On Friday due to how powerful it is becoming, it will require rank 10 Warrior, rank 10 Healer, rank 5 Evil Faction and Member. This makes sense because a DoomKnight is foremost a warrior with evil healing skills. We are changing some of the skills and adding a level 10 passive ability called: DOOMSTRIKE. It adds a small chance on every attack to do a MASSIVE darkness attack for about 50x your weapon damage. If you are a member and do not already have it... GET DOOMKNIGHT NOW IN SHADOWFALL BEFORE FRIDAY!


Currently the Paladin Class requires rank 10 Warrrior and rank 10 Healer and member (located in /join swordhaven) On Friday it will require Rank 10 warrior, rank 10 Healer and rank 5 Good Faction and Member. This makes sense because a Paladin is foremost a warrior with good healing skills. We are changing a lot of skills and boosting damage... and exorcism... which is powerful especially when you blast undead opponents. Also, rank 10 of Paladin will unlock passive... there will be a small chance on every attack to instantly do Ultimate Heal (All-Team-Mate Heal) that will completely heal your party and make you invulnerable from damage for a short amount of time. If you are a Member and do not already have it... get Paladin before Friday!

AdventureCoin Classes

Two weeks ago, the Necromancer Class appeared. A free version of the class was released which required Rank 10 DoomWood rep, the completion of the Tower of Necromancy (which was a lot of fun!), and a 1% rare drop (The Creature Shard). Alternatively the class could be obtained for 2,000 AC with no other requirements. After the dust settled, the player reaction was extremely positive... and for the first time in a LONG time, everyone seemed to be happy. However, unlike Necromancer, Paladin and DoomKnight are existing Member exclusive classes and require an active membership to use.

I spent a good amount of time talking to the players on the Sir Ver server today about what we should do now that we are buffing them. Classes are not like rare items... we actually want everyone to get and use them. Most of the players I was talking to already had the items... so this really only affects new players in the future. If you already have the class, congratulations! You do not have to do anything and you will just be more powerful when the release goes live on Friday! Those who do not have it on Friday will either need to complete the requirements OR you can pay for your time and obtain either member-only class for 2,000 AC.

Again, the BEST way to get these classes is right now BEFORE FRIDAY when the classes are buffed and gain their rank 10 bonus "chance to happen" powers. Either way, please remember both the normal and AC versions of this class are both identical, and exclusive to members.

Vordred and the "Temple of DoomWood"

The classes are not the only thing becoming more powerful... Vordred, the PaladinSlayer seems to be growing more powerful with each passing too. Which is why you must venture into the ruins known as the Temple of DoomWood this weekend and learn how to get past his seemingly indestructable armor. Remember... this is AQWorlds. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. If we do not find a way to defeat him, in the next few weeks, it is possible that Vordred will win the game... and who knows what would happen then!

P.S. Rumors are spreading that a Dracolich is coming in this Friday's release.

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