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August 01, 2016

Tonight: Elemental Dracolich WAR

This weekend, Desolich returns to attack Battleon!

Desoloth the Final - the Prime Elemental Dragon - was slain, then brought back to life by Drakath. Now he is Desolich the Final, and he hungers for vengeance! This weekend, he brings the powers of Fire. Water. Earth. Wind… and an army of undead dragons to attack OUR home! 

But the choice is yours -- will you fight to save our world… or help the dracoliches conquer it? 

  • Battle elemental dracoliches or dragonslayers to raise the war meter and help your side reach 100% first!
  • Unlock the war mini-boss at 75% on the war meter!
  • Unlock the boss fight at 100% on the war meter, then defeat the boss to unlock a story cutscene!

War Rewards

HUGE thanks to Axeros, who made a TON of rewards for the Dragon Defenders' side!

And you Dragon Slayers, you'll love Memet's flame dragon sets (this is an armor she made back in 2014, but which never released... and this week is the PERFECT time to do it!) You will ALSO be able to farm for (or buy with 2000 AdventureCoins)

Get the class skills writeup here!

This weekend, you'll find the following gear available:

  • War Rares Shop - in your game menu
  • Dracolich War Merge - slay dracoliches OR dragonslayers to get gear from this
  • Dragon Defender War Chest - merge shop unlocks at 25% on the war meter
  • Deagon Slayer War Chest - merge shop unlocks at 25% on the war meter

The Elemental Dracomancer and the NEW DragonSlayer General Class will also be available this weekend! Talk to Galanoth in /dragontown to find the rep* and AC versions of the DragonSlayer General Pyrik has the rep and AC versions of the Elemental Dracomancer class!

War Winners Will Change the World

Each side is fighting for a prize BEYOND just gear and victory...

If the Dragon SLAYERS win the war: Any weapon with a bonus against dragons will get permanently stronger.

If the Dragon DEFENDERS win the war: ALL dragon monsters in the game will get more powerful.

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