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December 06, 2013

December Dates to Remember

Mark Your Calendars, Heroes!

A LOT is happening in AQWorlds this month, so make sure you don't miss ANY of this year's coolest... and DEADLIEST releases!

Releasing December 20th

Released tonight

  • Frostval returns with all our previous events
  • Find the Subzero Berserker set in the Winter Seasonal Shop in your game menu or Battleon
  • New Bludrutbrawl-style PVP map: Chaosbrawl
  • If you AFK while in PVP, you will not get rewards

Artix Points Offer now available

From now until January 5, 2014 get 10% more Artix Points when you purchase using credit cards or Paypal on

Releasing next week

  • Lord of the Wedding Ring: BATTLE WEDDING! Artix and Trini invite you to take part in the MOST MASSIVELY EPIC online wedding event... EVER! Watch the video of the real-life wedding, and /cheer for your favorite paladin and his new bride!
  • Get your 200 FREE ACs next week to celebrate Frostval AND Artix's wedding!
  • Mid-week release: Dage's Glacial Warlord Class! One of the COOLEST classes yet!

Shops Leaving Monday

  • Quibble Coinbiter's Chaos Shop
  • Cyber Monday gear (except for Cyber Doomknight, leaving Wednesday)
  • Harvest shop 
  • Black Friday shop
  • Memet and Zazul's birthday shop
  • Doctor WHOOOOOOO!

Dage's Dark Winter is Coming

Prepare yourselves, hero, because you WILL need to fight this winter, and your enemies are... EACH OTHER! There will be single-player and PVP versions of this year's Frostval event! Dage's Nightmare Before Frost-EVIL event will be one you will NEVER forget... IF you survive!

  • Frostval Quibble ALSO arrives!
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