Design Notes

August 31, 2011

A Mystery Villain Arrives Friday!

 Molten Madness Means Mayhem!

Flaming carnage, fiery death, and massive magma-based mayhem! All contained in a raging, roaring volcano! And THAT is where you wake up, Hero! This mysterious 'mancer is not taking any chances with you, not when you've caused so much trouble in the past.

Luckily, Warlic and Jimmy the Eye will be on-hand to assist you.

What is it with villains and impractical hideouts? I mean, really, wouldn't a well-guarded fortress be more suitable for plotting world domination? But noooo, this villainous violator of the peace has plans for you, Hero, and it's up to you to evade them. Otherwise, you'll be roasted, toasted, and burnt to a crisp!

Prepare to battle through an inferno of furious fire minions as you make your way to the top of this incendiary site! This release is the lead-in to a larger story which we will

More Epic Items and Equips for you!

We've got NEW Treasure Chest items, NEW Player Suggestion Shop items, and NEW massively molten rewards for you this week!

Treasure Chest items:

  • Blinding Valor Armor
  • Zealith Reaver Armor
  • Zealith Helm
  • Zealith Wings
  • Blinding Valor Sword and Shield
  • Blinding Valor Wings
  • Valor High Priest
  • Valor High Halo
  • Valor Domed Helm
  • Fallen Angel
  • Fallen Angel Helm
  • Fallen Angel Wings
  • Lotus Armor
  • Lotus Helm

Suggestion Shop update:

  • Raging Fire (by Na Tra)
  • Legendary Bow (by xserenax)
  • The Unknown (by theavenger07)
  • Unknown Hood (by theavenger07)
  • Medieval Shadow (by Dudulokinho)
  • False Blade of Champions (by Ayuzu)
  • Turbulence (by Ninjudo)
  • Backblades of Assassins (by Lord SlayR)
  • Khriot's Hair (by Khriot)

Massively Molten Release rewards:

  • Magma Bow
  • Lava Spear and Shield
  • Searing Slicers
  • Axe of Many Flames
  • Hammer of the Core
  • Flaming Armor

Dragon*Con starts TOMORRW!!!

We are racing to get everything ready so that we can roll AQWorlds live from our panel at Dragon*Con on Friday. Although Yorumi will be at the Lab Friday to make sure the servers don't explode, Cysero, me, Samba, and many other AE staff members will be onhand to help launch another awesome AQWorlds release!

If you're going to Con (or wish you were), then check out Cysero's Guide to DragonCon!

And speaking of AWESOME releases... Pony vs Pony will go LIVE! At the Panel! On Friday! Everyone has been working on Pony vs Pony this week to make sure there's enough content for you to saddle up in style. Not sure what we're talking about? Check this page out! (Make sure you have your music turned on.)

We will also be making some other announcements, will ask you what YOU think we should do in DragonFable's Chapter 2, play some games, watch some (awful) videos, and have an epicly awesome, con-crashing good time!


August 30, 2011

2011 AE Calendar Giveaway!

We have FOUR 2011 Calendars to give out!

On September 9th, 2011 we will randomly select FOUR winners for our 2011 Year of the Moglin Calendar giveaway! Starting on August 29th (yesterday) every time you complete an offer from AExtras, your name will be entered into the drawing. The more offers you complete, the more chances you will have to win!

That's right, YOU don't have to do anything to enter except complete the AExtras sponsored offers (and get some rockin' AC rewards at the same time)! We'll keep track of how many offers you complete!

This calendar includes a code to unlock the Chronomancer class in AQWorlds and DragonFable.

One calendar will be awarded to a player from each region of the world*:

  • Northwest: North America
  • Southwest: South America
  • Northeast: Asia, Europe
  • Southeast: Africa, Indian Peninsula, Australia

*Some areas receive more AExtras offers than others. Awarding one calendar to each region ensures that all players will have an equal chance to win a calendar.

And when you get the 2011 AE Calendar, you'll ALSO get a code to redeem the EPIC Chronomancer Class! With awesome skills like Rift Inversion and Temporal Strike, this is one class you will definitely want to equip!

For a complete list of rules, terms, and conditions for this giveaway, please see this page!


August 29, 2011

THIS WEEK! 3 Days...

Mystery Boss Dungeon Crawl, DragonCon, NEW Game

Gear up and prepare for a dungeon crawl with a mystery villain this Friday. You will have to either wait until the release is live to find out the identity of the mysterious villain or you can come see us at our panel at DragonCon this Friday! We will be announcing the name of the villain (as well as revealing other secrets hours before the release goes live at the convention!


The AE team is heading for DragonCon on.... WHAT, 7am THURSDAY MORNING!? That means we only have 3 days (YES,  3 DAYS) to do ALL of this week's game releases. See full details on us and our friends on our DragonCon page. NOTE: Rumors are spreading that Chairman Platinum of EbilCorp (TM) - a name you can trust - is planning on raiding our panel at 2:30pm at the Sheraton Hotel in the Savannah room.  During the panel, we will have several prizes to give away! Including a to-scale replica of Galanoth's DragonBlade. (We are still working on figuring out how to stream the panel online.)

... did you say, A NEW GAME!?

Rolith will be unveiling and launching his brand new game for everyone during the DragonCon panel. (In a reverse twist, all of you who are not at the panel will be able to play, while the people at the panel will have to wait until they go back to their rooms to play!)  What is the new game? ... it pains me more than you can imagine to have to promote this... but... *shudders* brace yourselves...  Pony vs Pony . Have you been watching the madness unfold on facebook?


August 29, 2011

Magic Keys: Take Two!

How Many Treasure Chests Have Your Found?!

This weekend we pioneered our Treasure Chest System. If you missed it here is how it works:

You can defeat ANY monster in the entire game (That means ANY monster, PvP Kills don;t count even if your opponent is monsterous) and you have a small % chance to get a Treasure Chest which can contain any one of a number of really cool items and armors, all of which are 0 AdventureCoin items so you can store them for free in your bank.

To open the Treasure Chest, you need a Magic Key which Twilly sells in Battleon. Give the chest and key to Twilly and he will open the chest for you.

The Magic keys cost 200 ACs each but if you are a Member you will be getting 2 Magic Keys for free each month.

If you don't feel like buying ACs or earning FREE AdventureCoins with AExtras, you can just sell the chests for 500G each.

We've gotten a LOT of very positive feedback from most of you. You like the fun of hunting, the fun of opening a surprise, the ability to get ACs for keys pretty easily through AExtras and the new member perk of 2 free keys a month.

This weekend we encountered a few bugs which were quickly taken care of.

  1. The engine wasn't checking your BANK for items so you might have opened the same thing twice. THIS WAS NOT MEANT TO HAPPEN. The way it works is that you never get the same item twice so you don't waste your keys.

  2. Once that was fixed, another bug popped up where people were turning the quest into Twilly and nothing was happening. No reward at all. That one Zhoom fixed REALLY quickly. 

Unfortunately this mean that some of you wasted your keys and your hard earded ACs.

We don't like that so we're fixing it.

A little later today we will take the number of keys you bought, compare it to the number of keys you have + number of treasure chest items you have and give you the amount of keys that you lost.

It's not possible for us to track the 2 free keys that we gave members, but we don't want you to have wasted your free keys, we are just going to give ALL AQW MEMBERS another 2 Magic Keys absolutely free.

If you didn't use your keys then grats, you get 2 more for free. If you bought your membership this weekend, then grats, you get 2 free keys. :)

In addition to this weekend's DragonCon festivities and special release and suggestion shop update, we will also be adding even more great items to the Treasure Chests this weekend.

Cysero's Con Survival Guide! (revised 2011 edition)

DragonCon starts THIS WEEKEND and as has become tradition I am imparting my knowledge and experience to you all. This is Cysero's Con Survival Guide '11!


  • A Large Bag. You're going to to be carrying a LOT of stuff around with you and picking up a lot of stuff as you con so a large bag is necessary.
  • A Towel. Your hotel room will probably come equipped with these but I always preffer to bring a large, beach-sized towel with me wherever I go. Hitchikers listed most of the uses, but for a more practical example: I have fallen asleep in the hallways of more than one convention hotel and it's always nice to have a towel for a blanket or pillow.  
  • Energy Bars. Meals come unpredictably during con and staying alive can be hard. You never know when you'll be stuck at a table-top gaming session that lasts 14 hours straight... and if you leave the brutal GM will just kill you.
  • Bottle Of Water. See above. Also good for waking up wierdos who are sleeping in the hallways of your hotel.
  • Extra Strength Energy Shots (Optional). You know, those little bottles of energy booster that they sell everywhere. These things are not great for you, but caffine and sugar have no effect on MY metabolism and you might be built the same way. Con goes day and night, all weekend long. And it's a holiday weekend. I consider them a necessity during Con.
  • Cash (Well Hidden). As you explore the convention you WILL encounter some stuff you NEED to own. Swords, pithy shirts, novels, William Shattner selling autographs... and there is a 50% chance that the thing you want to buy, you can't buy with plastic. If you plan on falling asleep in a hall somewhere, be sure that your cash is in your sock or in the secret pocket in your boxers, or cloak... you don't want to wake up broke.
  • A Mobile Computing Device. Most modern cell phones will do, but you might not get a signal in the underground mazes that connect the convention hotels. Having a wireless card in a small laptop is priceless. A smartphone attached to a 3G network will do (con-tested my iPhone in 2009, worked like a dream). You might or might not Tweet. You might or might not need to check your Facebook but your FRIENDS will NEED to contact you about something that you HAVE TO SEE RIGHT NOW!

    Additional: This year, DragonCon is working on a free Con Schedule App! You will eventually lose your paper one but so dones everyone else so there are an endless supply of them in every corner BUT this way you don't have to get your hands sticky and wonder why the last person ditched it.
  • A Good Friend. The buddy system is always a good idea. That's why I bring Alces. He's part Dr. Gonzo, part Chief Medical Officer and part Tech Support. He is all best friend and has been for more than half of my life. If you have a friend who has been before and can show you around the ever changing paths of the convention, bonus.
  • A Camera. Fully charged. Memory card empty. NEEDS a flash. Your cell won't do for this. Too many dark corners with Halo Spartans hiding in them.
  • A Zorbak Plushy. It's the ultimate ice-breaker. "Can I get a picture of you holding this guy, please?" "Sure... what is he?"
  • Good Walking Shoes. Trust me.
  • Glow Sticks or a Dance Party App. Last year Alces and I accidentally found ourselves in a mobile rave. One guy was wearing the sound system and power supply on his back and his two friends were each wearing giant speakers converted into backpacks. The party never stopped moving. Alces and I took a chance, caught a cab, went to an all night market and bought $44 worth of glowsticks to give to share with our fellow mobile partiers. We were gone about 4 minutes, but when we returned to the street corner, they had moved on. We spent the next hour followig the sound of those booming speakers until we caught up. If on'y we'd had the glow sticks on us!

  • Portable Gaming Device. Long lines. Really long lines. After last year this one was moved to the MUST catagory.

  • Duct Tape. This is just something you should have all the time anyway, BUT there are a LOT of people in a LOT of costumes and things start falling apart on day 1. A well timed piece of duct tape can make you a lot of friends very quickly.

That should be, more or less, everything that you need to pack. Other options include: clean clothes, costumes, things you want autographed, video camera, your Battleon Battle Card deck (teach a stranger how to play!), a map of the con (some of us like getting lost), a pair of scissors (for a lock of Kevin Sorbo's hair while he's passed out in a fountain somewhere), a sketchbook (for ideas), a steampunk R2 unit, 8 channel progrmable remote control, Sonic Screwdriver, or grappling hook... just cause.


August 26, 2011

Crossroads & Treasure Chests

The Chaos Twins Are Back!

Xing and Xang, the Chaos Twins: They have been a constant point of curiosity and source of debate among hardcore players.

"When a great King, Queen, or Hero reaches a moral crossroad, legends says the Twins appear." but for a while they have not been the force for balance that they once were. Something happend to the Twins to alter them and today you find out what that was.

Journey to the Crossroads and speak to the half-Troll Druuz and the half-Horc Rawg and perform the ritual to summon the Twins to answer 5 of your questions! 

You will find new, intresting sub-species of well known monsters like Lemurphants or the deadly Chinchillizards. You will only be able to summon the Twins if you can pass the test of She Who Answers (Maybe they should call her She Who Quizzes) as she challenges your knolwedge of both Horc and Troll culture.

In this release you will also find new items added to both the Horc and Troll Reputation Shop as well as drops from the monsters in the new area!

Have You Found A Treasure Chest Yet?

Mysterious Treasure Chests have been showing up all around Lore lately. Have you found one yet?

This is a new, fun, and completly random addition to the game. These chests have a less than 1% chance of dropping from ANY monster in the entire game. Each one contains one of over 20 (and the number will keep growing) Epic Items that you can't get anywhere else, including 5 all new Armors!

All of the items are 0 AC so you can store them for free, all of the items are non-member so you can use them forever!

There's just one problem. You can't open the Treasure Chests without a Magic Key. The good news is that Twilly (the little red Moglin in Battleon) has a few extras and will happily sell you one for 200 ACs and open your chest for you.

If you don't have a lot of spare ACs, you can always do some AEXtras to get some quick AdventureCoins, and if you don't feel like doing that, just sell the Treasure Chest! Each one is worth 500 GOLD!

MEMBER PERK: Once again, AQW membership gives you even more of the best of AQW. Today, everyone who was already a member at the time of the release got 2 FREE MAGIC TREASURE CHEST KEYS added to their backpack!

And it just keeps getting better. Soon, we will be adding a way for every Member to get 2 Free Magic Keys EVERY MONTH from Twilly. We will annouce that as soon as we have it working. Since the keys are worth 200 ACs, that means that it will be possible for members to sell them and get ACs from the game for the first time ever!


Once again it's time for the LONG CON! Every year a lot of the AE staff head to Atlanta, GA for the  DragonCon! "The largest multi-media, popular culture convention focusing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming, comics, literature, art, music, and film in the universe!".

As usual, we have an AE Panel where players who attend the convention can come to hang out with us, punt some moglins, get things signed, sign things for us, ask questions, get answers and see sneak peeks of our top secret projects that we always have in the works.

As usual, each person who attends the panel will get a special DragonCon Pet made just those brave few who travel from all corners of the Earth (we can actually say that now!) to hang with us.

This year we've got some new stuff going on. Artix is having a full-size wooden replica of Galanoth's the DragonBlade crafted and one of the lucky panel attendees will be going home with it!

We will also have a Fan Booth set up in the one of the main convention halls. Each day we will be handing out REAL LIFE ACHIEVEMENT BADGES to attach to your convention badge. There's a different badge for each day of the con!

As usual we will be driving up to Atlanta and every time we stop somewhere I will scout out a public pay phone and Tweet the number. If you catch the tweet, you will be able to call us and say HI! It was big fun last year and should be again!

I will also be accepting Battleon Battle Card challenges anywhere at anytime during the convention.

There's also a Pizza Party in Artix's room on Thursday night.

I'm not making ANY of this up.

Here's the Info page.

Have a great weekend! or Else.


August 25, 2011

The END of DragonFable


5 years in the making... The DragonFable story was crafted by both the team and players. Sepulchure, Drakath, Xan, the Elemental Orbs, the Dragons, the Myserterious Necromancer... now, it is time! Join us this Friday (tomorrow) as we brace for the epic conclusion of DragonFable! This has never happened before in the history of our gaming organization. Be a part of history as the unthinkable happens.

The END of DragonFable

... remember friends; every end, is a new beginning. Join us on the forums and at DragonCon 2011 as we join players in brainstorming and discussing about what will happen DragonFable next! If you upgrade in DragonFable you will also unlock the DragonFable shop in the Guardian Tower in AQWorlds. Read Geo's official DragonFable design notes post.


August 23, 2011

WOAH! 3 Packages!?

Presents for Secret Underground Lab

You may be surprised to find out that for game developers, most of us are pretty physically fit. Well, that all ends today. Today we recieved three boxes that will fuel our game development with a dangerously high level of sugary goodness! So, I thought I would post pictures for you of the three boxes that suddenly arrived in the mail today, here, at the secret underground lab. (Just, um, ignore that window in the back of the first picture, ok?)

Package #1 from Eonaleth (California)

Mmmmmmm! Pocky and green tea are my favorites. Someone knows how to keep me at my desk working. Eonaleth also wrote a wonderful letter. Thank you so much!!

Package from Eonaleth

Package #2 from Genisis64 (Japan)

Our good friend from Japan has been helping with the relief efforts AND gathering some of the most unique Kit Kat bars to send us. Included in his package was Cheese Kit Kats, Purple Sweet Potato Kit Kats, Citrus and Japanese Chili Kit Kats (CRAZY!) We tried them all. ... shockingly, they are awesome tasting! For Cysero, he sent special kabuki tabbi socks (Yup, C is wearing them right now) and an extremely beautiful, heartfelt letter. Thank you so much, Genisis64!!

Package from Japan!

Package #3 URKOR MINI QUEE! (From Voltaire)

Well.. Package #3 was actually a GIANT shrink wrapped pallete of boxes containing the highly anticipated, and terrifying Urkor Malravenus (A chibi version of Deady's true form.) After all the crazy things we ate this morning we tried eating one of these too. I would not recommend it. *Still trying to get taste out of mouth* But you WILL be able to get one of these scary little fellas on HeroMart later today. He comes with a code that unlocks two undead battle pets (usable with Necromancer) from Planet Necronus (Voltaire's creation featured in the comic books). The package also came with a letter... erm... wait... this is an invoice. *Yells into the other room* Cysero, um, I think this letter is for you!

Urkor Malravanous Quee!

BIG WEEK for DragonFable and MechQuest

This week is DragonFable's epic conclusion! 5 years in the making... Sepulchure, Drakath,  the Elemental Orbs, the baby Dragons, the Myserterious Necromancer... it all boils down to this weekend. Do not miss being a part of history! Meanwhile, MechQuest is completely streamlining the entire game and they are going to need your help.  


August 22, 2011

Rumors of Chaos Rising!

Bloodtusk Ravine is about to get BUSY!

The majority of the Trolls in the Ravine wish to forget the past and ignore their "more primitive" neighbors to the west. The Horcs know that vigilance is ever necessary, as not all Trolls are as placid as others. But factor in the Troll-Horc hybrids and you get an explosion of hated: for each other and themselves!

Meet Druuz and Rawg: cousins, hybrids, bitter enemies

Druuz and Rawg share a similar story, but a very different history. You'll learn more of their families and childhoods on Friday. And once you find them among the wilderness of the jungle and plateau this week, they'll be the starting point on your journey to get some orderly answers to the chaotic rumors floating around both towns!

Bloodtusk Ravine is boiling with tension, and Chaos is about to erupt!

For centuries, there has been an uneasy peace between the Horcs and the Trolls of Bloodtusk Ravine. Occasionally, events like tragic and forbidden romances will occur between the races, causing havoc and dissension among both peoples. But that is not enough Chaos for... the Twins!

Battle your way to the truth this weekend!

DoomWood on the Travel Map on Friday!

This Friday you'll be able to experience (or re-live) the most EPIC battle between Light and Darkness that Lore has ever seen! Just open your travel map and journey to Doomwood. /Cheer for J6 for finding the time to squeeze this vital map update into his ever-busy schedule.

No Suggestion Shop

Our artists are absolutely up to their elbows in pixels and paint this week Flashing gnarly gear for this week's release, so we're going to need to delay the Suggestion Shop. But that just means you'll have more time to work on your ideas before submitting them for consideration! Who knows, next time it might be YOUR art that makes it in-game!

Naval Commander for TLaPD

We asked you guys this morning whether you wanted Chaos Naval Commander, Platinum Naval Commander, or Fiery Naval Commander for the 2011 Talk Like a Pirate Day event. After reading the deluge of replies on Twitter and the forum, we went with the overwhelmingly popular Platinum Naval Commander! Like last year, an additionla pirate-themed armor will also be released.

Look for that to be released along with other epicly piratical gear this September 19th for Talk Like a Pirate Day 2011! Pictures and prices will come as TLaPD gets closer.


August 19, 2011

In the Land of Dreams and Nightmares...

Everyone wants to hear you scream!

And screams there will be when Stratos wakes in the Land of Dreams and Nightmares to see his worst memory play out before him. So grief-stricken is he that when he wakes again in the real-world, he is completely incapacitated. And it's at THAT moment that Invidia, his recruit assistant, brings word of the SkyPirates massing to invade Lore!

Your journey will start in Twilight's Threshold

Their first strike will be at the SkyGuard High Commanders, who have gathered to plot combat strategies. But they won't attack the Commanders head-on, no! They will strike at them where they have no defenses... in their dreams! That means it's up to you, along with Invidia's aid, to venture into the Land of Dreams and Nightmares to stop them!

Lose Yourself Inside Your Mind

Invidia will have a great deal of information on the Land of Dreams and Nightmares for you, thanks to King Alteon's Royal DreamWeaver (... good thing he had one!), so be sure to read that before venturing into the Maze itself. Once you're there, you'll need to find the Portal:

The Sword of Broken Dreams is a quest reward from the Nightmare Child

And quest to gather the Guide Stones which will unlock it, sending you on to your destination. SkyPirates are swarming around the map, and they'll do anything to stop you from reaching your goal, so you'll need to gather Guide Stone shards from them, find them hidden about the map, and complete puzzles which will reveal safely-hidden Stones.

Remember to investigate everything! Like this stone and that creepy little girl...

Try not to stare at the creatures spying on you from behind the mirrors. They can't hurt you... yet. If puzzles, battles, and side-quests aren't enough to keep you wide awake (and believe me, falling asleep in this Realm is a BAD idea!), then you can also try to crack the code on this puzzle:

You'll want to /goto your friends for help with this battle!

It will unlock a special challenge fight:

Fact: Abominations live inside your head. Sweet Dreams!

There's also a ton of EPICLY dream-y gear, like the Shattered Screams Staff (a reward from the Nightmare Child) and Phloyd the Dream Moglin (drops off of any monster)!

The SkyGuard Rep Shop has received some sweet new gear, too! Like the SkyGuard Gunner Armor pictured above. So equip this awesome armor, strap on your automatic rifle, and prepare to plow through the monsters which will haunt your dreams!

The Land of Dreams and Nightmares will open into a full zone for all players at some point in the future, but only members will ever get this zone-preview and the rockin' rewards that are hidden within!

Suggestion Shop Update coming NEXT week!

Too much to do and not enough time this week, so we're moving the Suggestion Shop update to next Friday! By then we'll have a ton of awesome ideas from you guys already Flashed and ready to go!

Sponzard: Class and Rep Boosts!

Yesterday Cysero announced that Sponzard, the sponsored-item-giveaway zard, has added two AWESOME rewards: Class Point and Reputation Boosts! Right now these 10 minute boosts can ONLY be acquired from the randomly appearing SponZard Button, which rarely appears in Battleon.

Coming next week!

We hope you'll enjoy this week's member-only release! Next week we'll return to Bloodtusk Ravine with more Horcs, more Trolls, and the rise of Chaos!


August 18, 2011

Class Point & Reputation Boosts are here!

Need A Little Boost?

One of the most requested features was just added to AQWorlds this afternoon... Class Point and Reputation boosts!


These are temporary boosts to your Class Points and Reputation. They will help you rank up your class skills faster as you go through the game and get new classes, and Reputation Boosts which will DOUBLE the amount of reputation you earn with ANY faction for as long as the boost lasts.

Like the XP Boost from Twilly and the GOLD boost from SponZard, these are TEMPORARY boosts. But don't worry, if you log off the clock stops. If you have 7 minutes left when you log off, go on vacation for a month and come back to AQW, when you log back in you will STILL have 7 minutes left on your boost.

Right now these 10 minute boosts can ONLY be acquired from the randomly appearing SponZard Button which rarely appears in Battleon.

If you didn't know about SponZard, it's a button that allowes you to watch a sponsored ad, then you get a free item, potion or boost.

The button is tied directly to the company that finds people who wants to advertise in AQW, and we have no control over how often it appears or for whom it appears. It all depends on luck and where you live. Let me explain why that is.

The advertisers pay us to give you these items for free so they want to make sure that their adverts reach the right people. If you live in Japan and they are advertising a soda that you can only get in Egypt, it wouldn't do them much good to direct ads at you, so it could be that the button will only appear in Egypt and countries around Egypt in this purely hypothetical case (no Egyptian Sodas are currently being advertised). AGAIN: We have no control over where these companies want to advertise. If you don't see the SponZard Button when you log in, it could just be luck or it might be where you live.

What If They Never Advertise In My Area?

Fear not, pretty soon (By mid-Sept at the latest) we will be adding 1 HOUR versions of these new boosts to Itsachi in Battleon to be purchased with AdventureCoins.

That means, if you are a member and have access to the Member Only daily quests in most areas, one of these puppies will go a LONG way to helping you reach Reputation Rank 10.


Tomorrow is the latest update to the SkyGuard Member-Only area! Brand new Skyguard items and armors and an interesting new area awaits you as you dive into the realm of dreams and nightmares.

Mennace is also trying his hardest to get out some new Player Suggestion items, once again taking up the artist's call to take some of the less advanced suggestion art and raise it to a new level of epic in his own style.

See you then!

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August 17, 2011

We Love the Players!

... even more than ice cream and sushi.

Each day we receive awesome letters (many with drawings) in the mail from awesome players. Zazul opens all of the mail and brings us the fan letters. I wish I could post them all! for you to see! (Note: We are very careful about not posting any real names or info) Today we recieved a package filled with an awesome letter, full color poster, and character portraits drawn by the talented AQWorld's player, Bladebrawl. Thank you!! So, today seemed like the perfect day to thank ALL of you who have sent us amazing things to lift our spirits and inspire us to keep making the games better every week.

Bladebrawl's artwork

Happening now or in the works!

  • Beleen is back from school and is about to help Yergen take HeroSmash to a whole new level.
  • Kimberly from One-Eyed Doll sent us a surprise package full of the band's T-shirts & ... really? A champion of darkness pony labeled Artix? This pony thing is completely out of control. Have you been seeing that Jemini and Rolith have been doing on the PonyVsPony facebook page? . *shivers and hides under desk*
  • DragonCon (Convention in Atlanta, Georgia) is only two weeks away! More coming on this soon... but we are throwing a party for players in the Artix Entertainment suite (not that big, hold your breath!) on Thursday night before the convention starts! (What is DragonCon? Here is an old write up I stumbled upon.)
  • 2012 has been officially been dubbed, "The Year of Chaos!" 

Forum/Twitter Question: I am having trouble with the cover for the AQWorlds 2012 Calendar. Can you help? It would be really cool to have a dragon and some action on it. But the calendar needs to be CHAOS themed. Do you have any idea on what we should do? It is going to be on the storeshelves of Toys"R"Us in addition to HeroMart... so we need it to be really professional (Hehe, us, professional?) What characters or monsters should be on the cover? I will be on the lookouts for your messages in between the pony spam (Thank you Rolith!) and post drafts for you to give feed back on tomorrow. Battle on!


August 16, 2011

SkyGuard Saga: Sweet Dreams!

The Land of Dreams and Nightmares

Hidden inside the depths of your mind is the entrance to another Plane, one set apart from the everyday world: the Land of Dreams and Nightmares. Most only venture there while asleep, but for the Dreamweavers of Lore, it is a place they can visit at will, a realm into which they can bring - or force- other people.

When you last saw the DreamWeaver, she was sending Stratos into his own personal, hellacious nightmare: the worst day of his life. And that is where we'll open this Friday. See inside the good Captain's mind, and gain an insight into what drives him to wander the world with the SkyGuard.

Find her, she is trapped inside the maze of your mind!

Journey to Twilight's Threshhold

The SkyPirates are massing for an invasion, and SkyGuard High Command has gathered for a week-long meeting to strategize and distribute resources. Heavily defended in their Command Outpost, the DreamWeaver is going to attack them in the one place they have no defenses: their dreams!

The terrain of the Dream-Land mirrors ours to an extent, though travel there is much different. You will need to enter the Land of Dreams and Nightmares with Invidia and find a way to reach this otherworldly version of the military outpost and take out the SkyPirate assualt team sent to decommission the SkyGuard's highest Commanders!

Help the Nightmare Child for the Sword of Broken Dreams

Journey to Twilight's Threshhold, the entrance to the Land of Dreams and Nightmares. Enter a maze inside your mind to find the Portal that will take you where you need to go. What you'll see there depends entirely on you; but be careful, because it is laden with traps and puzzles. (And a challenge boss... IF you can figure out how to reach it!)

A final word of warning: things that are trapped there become... twisted. Do not stay long, Hero, or you may not come out the same as you went in!


PayMentez is live now for direct payments on! To access it, visit this link.
To see the Brazil options outside Brazil, add "Portuguese/Brazil" language setting to your web browser. The web site enables Brazil mode if the IP Address detects Brazil or if the "pt-br" language setting is found.


August 12, 2011

Bloodtusk Ravine: Horcs/Trolls

An uneasy peace holds... but for how long?

In Bloodtusk Ravine, two races live in one place, separated only by a narrow gorge... and centuries of distrust. Enter a land of deceptive beauty and imminent violence, the air thick with tension and the smell of unshed blood.

Your services are sorely needed, Hero, by both the Horcs and the Trolls... because Chaos is rising, and will soon consume this shared land!


Superior warriors, steadfast and stalwart, do not underestimate the Horcs: their speech may be simple, but their minds are quick and their hearts are true, both to their tribe and the earth which sustains them.

Discover the Horcs of K'thurr; get to know them and you will soon begin to appreciate both their skill at war and their loyal natures.

  • Kagg - Horc LoreKeeper, Rep Vendor
  • Zot - Horc Spirit Master, Musician
  • Tlax - Horc War Chief
  • Ghaz - Horc Weaponsmith
  • Sput - Horc Butch... Pet Vendor


Life is an Art, and the Trolls of Bloodtusk Ravine are adept performers! Brilliant and creative, the Trolls value learning, history, and cultural pursuits above all else. Except maybe a good story or two!

Meet the Trolls of Bloodtusk Ravine; they are quick to welcome strangers, as long as you aren't a Horc. They have tried to forget the unpleasant violence which happened so long ago. They are focused on living a bright future, and a joyous present.

  • Sokrakiis - Troll Elder, Historian, Rep Vendor
  • Samba - Troll Dance Adept, Hair Vendor
  • Oishii - Troll Culinary Adept, Food Vendor
  • Dregas - Troll Art Adept, House Vendor
  • Bachius - Troll Musical Adept, Warrior, Weapons Vendor
  • Krellenos - Troll Prophet
  • Khasaanda - Troll Prophetess

Limited Quantity Shop at 3AM

Remember, the LQS goes live at 3 AM Eastern US time on SATURDAY! You can find a timezone converter here. We hope to see you there for this EPIC Omega shop! With six armors, FOURTEEN helms, and a variety of guns, daggers, and a cape, this is one of the most well-stocked Limited Quantity Shops we've ever offered!

Scroll down to see screenshots of all the epic Omega Mercenary Guild armors and items, made by Mennace!

Gender Change

Life feeling a bit too routine? Feel the need to look at the world through from a fresh perspective? Then Yulgar has just what you need! Go on a life-long vacation, by getting a gender modification!

Gender changes will cost 1,000 ACs every time you switch

That's right, you can now get a gender change in Yulgar's changing room. But be SURE you know what you want, because it will cost 1,000 ACs EVERY time you switch!

Member Emotes

Introducing EIGHT all-new MEMBER-ONLY emotes! /cheer for /spar with your friends when they get a Crit or /Headbang through our next musical event!

Cysero enjoying /stepdance while Bachius watches

  • /Powerup
  • /Cheer
  • /Jumpcheer
  • /Salute2
  • /Cry2
  • /Spar
  • /Headbang
  • /Dazed

The /samba emote that some of you saw previewed earlier today will be unlocked later on in the Bloodtusk Ravine. You won't be able to /samba until Samba starts giving dance lessons!


For our Brazillian players, we are now accepting Paymentez Credits on the master account page! Over 120,000 retail stores and 25,000 internet cafes in Latin America offer Paymentez Credits making it VERY easy to purchase Memberships or ACs!


August 12, 2011

Ponies.... *Shakes head*

May the fates have mercy on us

Before we start tonight's brand new awesome BloodTusk Ravine saga  (Horcs vs Trolls!), I would like to share with you a potentially dangerous situation developing here at the Secret Underground Lab. *clears throat* That is right my friends... Ponies.

How in the world did this happen!? WHY!!!!!?

It started roughly a year ago when Rolith began pranking me by changing my computer and cell phone's wallpaper to pretty pretty pink ponies. This happened nearly every time I left my computer unguarded. Things escalated quickly. I do not dare tell you the depths that Rolith's pony related pranks sunk to... but you should all know. I now live in fear of ponies.

In June, Rolith created a minigame called "Hurry." It was a brilliant and addictive game. I green lighted his project and Rolith was promoted to project lead on the condition that he still coded DragonFable's weekly releases. Jemini QUICKLY (too quickly) volunteered to do the art for this new game. They were excited about this project. Tooooo excited. Toooo secretive. should have been an indicator that something was terribly, terribly wrong.

Pony files started "accidentally" appearing on the development servers. I just assumed it was more of Rolith's pranks. Until... the next thing I knew... my Twitter was FLOODED with literally thousands of pony names from players. The source? (Witness the horror for yourself)

When I confronted Rolith on this he quickly and confidently reminded me that I had said, "Nope. You have FULL creative control over this project. It is not like you are going to make a pony game. Hah. hah." For the past week... I have been a victim of the pony-apocalypse. ... and it just got worse. what started on Twitter. spread to Facebook ( ) and now there are PONY POSTERS ALL OVER THE OFFICE, THE TREES OUTSIDE, AND EVEN MY CAR. (...there are even ponies hanging in the bathroom) Please... do not encourage them. I can still hear Rolith's laughter from the other side of the lab.

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August 11, 2011

Limity Quantity Shop: Saturday 3 AM

Check your timezones and set your alarms!

I don't always roll a Mercenary character, but when I do, it's an Omega! And now you, too, can join the Omega Mercenary Group, designed entirely by Mennace. With six armors, FOURTEEN helms, and a variety of guns, daggers, and a cape, this is one of the most well-stocked Limited Quantity Shops we've ever offered!

And don't forget, you'll still have a chance to pick up all of the past LQS items that haven't sold out yet! So if you were asleep, or at the dentist, or in the middle of ballet practice, now's the time to pick up those prized equips that you missed last time!


Omega Alchemist Armor


  • Omega Alchemist: 10,000 qty 800 ACs
  • Mecha Defender: 4,000 qty 800 ACs
  • Infiltrator: 3,000 qty 700 ACs
  • Death Dealer: 3,000 qty 700 ACs
  • Hunter: 9,000 qty 90,000 gold (Member)
  • Assault Gear: 32,000 qty 90,000 gold (Non-Member)

Mecha Defender Armor


  • Omega Alchemist Male: 7,500 qty 250 ACs
  • Omega Alchemist Female: 2,500 qty 250 ACs
  • Male Beret: 1,500 qty 150 ACs
  • Female Beret: 500 qty 150 ACs
  • Male Beret + Mask: 1,500 qty 150 ACs
  • Female Beret + Mask: 500 qty 150 ACs
  • Aerosol Protector Male: 1,500 qty 150 ACs
  • Aerosol Protector Female: 500 qty 150 ACs
  • DeathDealer Fauxhawk: 2,500 qty 150 ACs
  • DeathDealer Pigtails: 500 qty 150 ACs
  • Infiltrator Mask: 3,000 qty 150 ACs
  • Mecha Defender Mask: 4,000 qty 250 ACs
  • Hunter Mask: 9,000 qty 25,000 gold (Member)
  • Assault Mask: 32,000 qty 25,000 gold (Non-Member)

Assault Gear Armor


  • Omega Shot: 3,000 qty 200 ACs
  • Omega M19: 4,000 qty 300 ACs
  • Omega ManaBurster: 9,000 qty 10,000 gold (Member)
  • Omega Clappers: 32,000 qty 10,000 gold (Non-Member)

Infiltrator Armor


  • Omega Dotanuki: 2,000 qty 200 ACs
  • Omega Cutters: 2,000 qty 200 ACs
  • Omega Tonfa: 2,000 qty 200 ACs

DeathDealer Armor


  • Omega Stealth Pack: 1,000 qty 300 ACs

Hunter Armor

Remember, the LQS goes live at 3 AM Eastern US time on SATURDAY (that means that we won't be sleeping Friday night or we'll miss the release)! You can find a timezone converter here. We hope to see you there for this EPIC Omega shop!

And check back later tonight for a sneak peek at the Troll and Horc NPCs from Bloodtusk Ravine!

Artix's Memories of Game Development

It's a blast from Artix Entertainment's past as Artix shares on the DragonFable Design Notes his memories and stories about the last 10 years of the team's fun and frenzied time bringing all our games to life!


AEXtras is still a great way to get FREE ADVENTURECOINS and even FREE BATTLEON POINTS, and with new Inventory, Bank slots and Premiere Event rares to buy there's never been a better time!

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August 10, 2011


Bertran is going to kill me.

Hello, I've taken over for the day. I am actually at the underground lab, siting in Artix's chair at the head of the table. His laptop has a really, really big keyboard that is extremely big and hard for me to type on. (Excuse my typos!) It's really amazing here, and everyone's so nice. Since I own this place now, I've decided that AE is now going to become a shrine to Broadway musicals, Disney movies, and the novel Les Miserables that is overrun with Mochi*. just wait. This will happen someday.

I made a T-shirt specially for this visit**. It says "Cysero, Can I be a mod?" ...unfortunately, Cysero isn't here today. So we took a picture and sent him a text message***. I've run out of funny things to say now. It's weird, because I've been dreaming of this day forever.... (Please excuse my starry eyes!) I promise that I'll someday work here. You WILL see me again****.

* Which is preferable to what is currently happening with the Ponies.
* Far less expensive than making an animatronic Dragon.
** He sent back a text message. "No."
*** Not if we see you first! (Just kidding. So... um... what exactly did you do with Artix?)

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August 10, 2011

AE Food Pyramid

They changed the food Pyramid!?

Recently, I learned that schools changed the Food Pyramid to something called "MyPlate". Which is... some sort of spherical pie chart of edible goodness. This has serious ramifications to all of us here at Artix Entertainment who have been following the official A.E. Food Pyramid.

AE Food Pyramid

So... it is time for a change! But I need your help. What should we put into the "MyAePlate?" For starters, coffee needs to be replaced with Green Tea (Coffee is so 2007. Green Tea is the fuel of creative geniuses now!) Feel free to post drawings... they should be circular. See you on the forums, Twitter and Facy-facebook. Battle on!

DragonCon 2011

We are just 2.5 weeks away from the DragonCon Convention in Atlanta, Georgia. The A.E. team will be there in full force. A great chance to meet the team in person! We are throwing a pizza party in our suite (at the top of of Marriot) at 8pm... and if you are going to DragonCon, you are invited! Then... we are kicking off DragonCon's gaming track on Friday at 2:30pm with the "AQWorlds Meet and Greet" (Check us out on the DC MMO page) During the panel we will be making fun of ourselves, showing crazy videos, giving out tons of prizes.... including ONE "still in the package" 2011 Calendar (with a Chronomancer Code).  But this year we are making special arrangements for all of you who cannot attend in person. We are going to attempt to stream our panel live in-game for you. This will be the first year of DragonCon for many of our team... including J6 who will be attending in his J6 cosplay outfit that he put a crazy amount of work into!


August 08, 2011

LQS and Bloodtusk Ravine!

This LQS will make you say OMG!

"Blood for GOLD!" That is the cry of the Omega Mercenary Group, a posse dedicated to filling their purses while pursuing their prey across Lore and the Galaxy! And now YOU can join their crew when you access this Saturday at 3AM EST! Make sure you check your time zone and set your alarm (or more than one, to be safe!), because you won't want to miss this gear designed exclusively by Mennace.

If you're a soldier of fortune, or just enjoy dressing as one, you too could own these cutthroat equips! IF you've got the ACs. Prices will come as soon as we sit down and figure them out. Most likely tomorrow during the day.

Male versions of the Assault Gear, Death Dealer, and Infiltrator Armors!

Female versions of the Mecha Defender, Omega Alchemist, and Omega Hunter!

Covet these crazy-awesome Omega equips!

Bloodtusk Ravine: Two races a world apart

Bloodtusk Ravine is an unforgiving plateau surrounded on all sides by jungle. Lending its name to the area, a narrow ravine splits the plateau in half... and separates two races which have raged at each other for generations! You've already met (or battled) members of both species, but this week you'll get to know them much, much better:

The Horcs: Primal, savage, the ultimate warriors defending their home and their people from a threat others would dismiss out of hand. Tribal and untamed, wilderness lives inside each Horc, a fact which threatens their unwilling neighbors.

Possessing strength and endurance beyond any race in their lands, 200 years ago the Horcs were used by the Trolls for manual labor, treated by them as second class citizens, until they rose up and claimed the other side of the ravine.

The Trolls: Brilliant thinkers and philosophers, patrons of the arts in all their many forms, and strategists beyond compare. Using their superior knowledge and cunning, the trolls managed to dominate the fiercer Horcs for centuries.

They revel in pleasure now, focusing on the glory of Art and Culture, but a movement among them longs to return to the days when they had conquered the whole of the plateau through the might of their intellect.

The uneasy peace between the two camps is about to come to an end. Something - or someone- is setting fires of discontent and fear among both the Horcs and the Trolls, and is eager to dance in the flames as Chaos consumes their country! The next Lord of Chaos is rising.


AEXtras is still a great way to get FREE ADVENTURECOINS and even FREE BATTLEON POINTS, and with new Inventory, Bank slots and Preimere Event rares to buy there's never been a better time!

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August 06, 2011

You know you're a Bounty Hunter when...

You wield dual pistols...

...while defying gravity AND bullet time!

How do YOU know you're a Bounty Hunter? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, and the forums and then tell your friends!


August 05, 2011

J6's Hyperium Continues

The Mysterious Bounty Hunter Flies Again!

The puzzle-driven J6 area got a big expansion this week!

If you are up to date all you need to do to continue your space-western adventure is enter the Hyperium's VR room and head to the next area!

If you're NOT YET up to date, you will need to play through all of J6's previous content to get to this week's map, items, the much-coveted J5 armor and several cutscenes that raise a lot more questions about this masked man.

In related news, J6 will be at DragonCon with the rest of this year, so if you can make it to our annual panel at DragonCon in Atlanta, GA at the beginning of next month, then you'll get to meet the man behind the mask.

Player Suggestion Shop Update!

Once again we have taken a number of suggestions from players just like you and pulled them into the game in Yulgar's Player Suggestion Shop!

This week, both Dage and Mennace chose to reshape these items into AQW items!

  •  Gia Blade - Vamprincess Dorene137
  •  Paladin's Victory - pikachu199519
  •  Soul Stealer Advanced - Darkon Drago
  •  Demonic Revenge - Darkon Drago
  •  Snowstorm Hood - gompa
  •  Snowstorm - gompa
  •  DragonSlayer's Solace Hat - mietior
  •  DragonSlayer's Solace - mietior
  •  Royal Maximus - Prince Knight

As usual, each of these items have been given to their creators regardless if they are member, non-member or AC items.

If YOU have an idea for an item that you would like to see brought to life in AQW, please visit out Suggestion Forums and make a post. Who knows, maybe yours will be in the next round!

Please, remember: Even thought we do like to see your art and ideas on Twitter and Facebook, We ONLY take items from those forums to add to the game! We don't add every items in the forums, but if it's NOT in the forums, we WILL NOT add it.

New PET O' THE MONTH: The Vordred Nightmare Pony BATTLE PET!

It's a new month and that (sometimes) means a new PET O' THE MONTH!

This month, in honor of the completion of the Vordred Storyline and the internet's recent fascination with ponies, we've combined these two ideas into one terribly cute monstrosity of necromancy.

Introducing the member only BATTLE PET (Works as a normal pet, but for NECROMANCER it will replace your Skeleton base pet for damage dealing!)

He's been hugged and battle-tested against Noxus in the Shadowfall war to guage his lovable might. Visit Aria's Shop in Battleontown to get your own Vordred Nightmare Pony!


Sadly, J6's maps are so insanely involved that Yorumi didn't have time to properly code or test the Gender Change option which will hopefully come next week but we did make a few changes that you might have already noticed.

QUEST TRACKER: The first addition is a new Quest Tracker Button on your character portrait.

It's right there on the left, opposite your level. Just click this and any quests you are on will appear in a list on your screen to help you keep track of what you need to complete it without opening your Quest Log every time.

CHARACTER PAGE UPGRADE: The second change is on your character page. Now you can look at almost anyone's character page and see exactly what they have equipped right next to their image. (I say ALMOST anyone, because MOD items do not show correctly).

Now available for the iPhone and Android

The AE team created a mobile app our favorite voice actor... ME! So now, you too can have your life narrated by George Lowe (best known as the voice of Space Ghost!) Includes 300+ soundbites (even some favorites from the games.) At the touch of your fingertip, you will instantly be able to make any cramped elevator more uncomfortable.

Next week we begin work on our next CHAOS ZONE, you can also expect a Mennace LQS (keep watching the Design Notes for times, items lists, images and prices!). Until then, have a great weekend!

or else.


August 04, 2011

J6 - The Helm

Hyperium expansion... tomorrow!

In game, many of us know J6 as a 6-shooter wielding bounty hunter. In real life, J6 is an increadibly talented artist, sculptor and creative genious. Few people remember this... but J6 started as a player of the original AdventureQuest. His fan art on the forums earned him a place on the team. Currently, He is the only artist in all of Artix Entertaiment to have created art for every single one of our games. This week, we will learn secrets behind J6's in-game character in his private zone, Hyperium. And we will all discover together why Alina said, "Artix, the photo is way more significant than anyone reading your post will realize."

J6's DragonCon Cosplay

The Hyperium Zone is coming in AQWorlds tomorrow!

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August 02, 2011

"Coming Features" Progress!

Duel Invites option turned OFF!

Do you love battling your friends and foes, but only on your OWN terms? Do you want to prevent nasty cases of random "Shattered-Skull Syndrome" or inconvenient bouts of the "Battered-Bone Blues"?

Yes? Excellent! Then we have the solution for YOU! Just head into your options menu and uncheck the Duel Invites button!

Your Options screen if you DON'T want to duel.

This new option is LIVE! (Right now!) But that's not all Yorumi's made progress on...

Character Pages are getting a NEW look!

Have you ever wondered what AWESOME armor the enchanting new Mage in your party has equipped? Too shy to ask? Then you'll find our handy-dandy, new and improved Character Page feature that displays what your fellow players are wearing a huge help:

Yorumi worked hard ALL day! /Cheer him on!

This feature should go live this Friday! It's looking good in testing, so with luck, you'll have a shiny new, much more useful, character page this weekend!

Bits 'n' Bobs about other News

  • An update is coming to the Player Suggestion shop! Mennace, Skyline, and Dage will all contribute as they bring to life (bring to Flash? That doesn't sound as impressive somehow...) the ideas of players just like you! The next update could showcase YOUR creativity, but you have to show us what you've got, and you can do that here!
  • The Event Rare shop in the ArcAttack zone will go rare THIS Friday! So if you want to equip epic electrical-themed gear, get it now!
  • The weapon/item drops from the Shadowfall War will ALSO go rare this Friday! The Darkness Gems that drop which are used in the War Merge shop will NOT go rare, nor will the items in the Merge shop.

Have an excellent Tuesday night! We'll see you all tomorrow for another day of writin', gamin', and rockin' the Secret Underground Lab!


August 01, 2011

A Six-Sational Week Coming Up!

J6's storyline and feature updates ahead!

Junk in the trunk? Who would'a thunk? J6 could, would, and DID! And so did all of you, because you kept requesting more Hyperium updates. That's why, even though he's on a well-deserved vacation this week, we're taking you from the Sandsea's Spitoon Saloon full of hard-ridin', quick-shootin' cowboys all the way into... SPACE!

This Friday you'll want to check out J6's popup text for the hint to where the next encrypted Datadisk is hidden. Happy hunting! And once you find it, you'll need to make your way to the Hyperium's reality-bending VR Room because the search for item 58-Sr3 is ON, and it's VITAL J6 finds it! 58-S4r3 is the key to a plan that's been in production for millennia!

The Hyperium's Artificial Life system is voiced by Warlic.

Remember, though, that everything you'll be seeing in the VR Room is all a part of J6's memories, as replayed by HAL. And memories can contain a lot of clues about a person... IF you're quick enough to pick up on them! What have YOU learned about J6 so far? And what will you learn this weekend? Better sharpen your wits and polish your six-shooters, because you're going to need to puzzle (and BATTLE!) your way through Friday's out-of-this-world update!

Suggestion Shop Update Coming!

That's right, it's time for another round of Player Suggestions to be released in-game! We've gotten some REALLY good submissions, and we're eager to see your art Flashed-up and spiffified by our artists. If you haven't shown us any of your art yet, head on over to the AQW Suggestions board and share it with everyone!

Features, features, features!

We've been planning on making some feature changes and updates to the game for a while, and now that the DoomWood Saga is over, we've got the means and the manpower to make them happen!

Here's what we'll be working on this week:

  • PVP duel on/off:
    choose whether or not to receive 1v1 PvP invites
  • Book of Lore restructure:
    streamlining, updating and re-organizing
  • Character Page updates:
    list items equipped
  • Gender changes:
    from male to female and back again! (AC feature)

We're PLANNING on getting ALL of these out this week, but we can't promise that EVERY one of them will be released. Most of these feature implementations are on Yorumi's schedule, and he also has to code the J6 release. So if you're really eager to see these get in-game, make sure you /cheer Yorumi on!

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