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March 28, 2018

This weekend: Dage vs Laken WAR

Log in for the Seraphic Paladin Saga Finale!

The war for the Legion’s leadership is ON! Laken, leader of the Seraphic Paladins,has issued the ultimate threat: he will use his army to take over Dage the Evil’s Undead Legion and replace it with his Blood Legion. Many suspect he is no longer sane, but more are flocking to his banner.

No matter who you side with, one thing is true: any Legion run by a broken, insane Laken will wreak havoc for everyone. We MUST stop Laken, for his sake and ours.

You have two choices before you:

  • Fight to defend Laken and save him from himself
  • Fight to protect Dage and take Laken down

War Details:

  • Talk to J6 the Bounty Hunter to fight for Laken
  • Talk to Caelgar the Legion Dreadnought to fight for Dage
  • Slay your opponents to gather Medals
  • Turn Medals in to raise the war meter + for a chance to get gear
  • 25% War Meter: unlock more war quests + for a chance to get more gear
  • 75% War Meter: unlock the war chest
  • 100% War Meter: unlock the war boss

The first side to reach 100% will determine the ending of the war for everyone! 

Seraphic War Rares + Rewards

This Friday, find the Seraphic SoulWeaver armor, the Undead Seraphic General armor*, Seraphic Chakram weapons, and an all-new Seraphic Warrior set from Laken in the Featured Gear Shop as we launch the finale of the Laken and Dage Saga!

Completing the war quests will give you a chance to earn the pieces of the Blood Legion Warrior (Laken's side) or the Undead Seraphic Warrior (Dage's side) armor sets. Laken's personal armor will be available as a permanent farming reward after the war ends.

* The Undead Seraphic General's wings are built into the back of the armor and can only be obtained by getting the armor.

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