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March 02, 2020

Dage's Dark Birthday Begins

Seasonal Birthday Gear Now Available

The month of EVIL begins now! Log in and battle through all of Dage the Evil's returning birthday zones, take on wicked bosses, and check out his seasonal birthday gear shop. Return this Friday, March 6th, for a new boss, a new birthday rares shop and collection chest, new Undead Legion farming gear, and more! 

Log in and battle through the following zones to get wicked reward drops:

  • /darkbirthday
  • /undervoid
  • /futurewar
  • /futurelegion
  • /futurewardage

Dark Caster Class Series Returns

The Undead Legion is made up of Lore's finest undead (and not-undead-yet) warriors. That is why last year, we brought back ALL the Dark Caster Class skills, tied to art created by Dage just for his birthday. Each class is available from Dage's Dark Birthday Shop for 2,000 ACs and will return each year for his birthday.

  • Infinite Dark Caster Class uses the Evolved DC class skills
  • Timeless Dark Caster Class uses the Arcane DC class skills
  • Immortal Dark Caster Class uses the original DC class skills

Original Class owners:

If you have the original Dark Caster Class, you will get the Immortal Dark Caster Class for FREE. Talk to Dage in the /darkbirthday map to complete his quest to claim your free class. 

Birthday Rewards and Rare Items

This week, gear up and get ready to fight for all the returning reward drops, including the:

  • Eternal Dark Caster and Eternal Dark Caster X Armor sets
  • Spirits of War, Famine, Death, and Conquest armor sets
  • UW3017 Gunner and Blaster Armor sets
  • Dreadnought House
  • Shogun Paragon Pet
  • Enchanted Eternal Painsaws
  • Paragon Greatsword Cape
  • Dreadnought's Skull Staff
  • Grief's Shrine house item
  • Cape of Envy
  • Altar of Caladbolg
  • Infinite, Timeless, and Immortal Dark Caster Classes*
  • Timeless, Infinite, and Immortal Dark Caster armors
  • Paragon Fiend Quest Pet (with the seasonal farming quests)
  • Legion Sigil Pet (with quests for gear)
  • Legion Overfiend Blade Pet
  • Paragon Fiend Rider Pet
  • Dark Reaver weapons
  • Enchanted Caster scythes
  • Dark Caster Skull capes
  • Legion Fiend helms

Coming This Friday: New Rares + Farming Rewards

This Friday, an all-new collection of birthday items arrive -- we've got a mix of collection/birthday rares (including the color-customizable Devourer of Souls) as well as farming rewards. 

Members of the Undead Legion will also be able to craft items for two new sets exclusive to Dage the Evil's most loyal followers. If you're not a member of the Undead Legion, never fear! You, too, can sell your soul to Dage the Evil and become a part of his immortal army.

* Last year, we added a series of Dark Caster-themed classes and armors. Like in AdventureQuest 3D, these items will return to Dage's birthday shop each year. But the Dark Caster collection chest pet (and the discount it gave)are rare and will not return.

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