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October 09, 2015

Announcing... The CrüxShadows at Mogloween

Mogloween 2015 Event Kicks Off With The ULTIMATE In-game Concert!

The CrüxShadows, lead by lead vocalist Rogue, and their killer DarkWave sounds have captivated members of the AE team since we started attending Dragon*Con years ago... and now we are THRILLED to announce they'll be appearing in Concert in Darkovia on Octobe 30th to kicki off this year's 2015 Mogloween event!

Before you smash, slice, and squash your way to VICTORY through the mayhem and monsters in Darkovia, The CrüxShadows will crank your energy levels up to 11 in the ultimate in-game concert!

This weekend:

Talk to Khalu Bash in the BattleCon 2015 Arena for hints about what's to come this Mogloween... because it will be one of the DARKEST, FUNNIEST, DEADLIEST, GORE-AND-GOURDLIEST Mogloween events we have seen in YEARS... 

Next Friday:

Make your way to Darkovia for the Grand Opening of Darkovia's FIRST EVER Scarbucks, and get your FREE promotional drink, courtesy of Khalu Bash's super-sweet, marketing-savvy master. This spicy-sweet drink will have all of Darkovia talking, so get in line while the drinks are still flowin'!

Who Are The CrüxShadows?

Hands down one of the most popular Darkwave bands in the world, the Crüxshadows formed in the early 1990s in north Florida. Pairing lyrics that move the spirit and rhythms that drive the feet (and beat), their success has earned them "a near legendary underground status." 

They've played shows across the world, and were one of the first Western acts to play in Romania and Serbia following the Cold War. They were one of only a handful of Western alternative bands to perform at the Greenpeace Midi Open-air Festival in Beijing, China. They've produced over 18 CDs, a DVD, and countless compilations, plus have  two Billboard #1 hits in the US (Sophia in 2006 and Birthday in 2007).

It's easy to see the Crüxshadows have been slaying crowds for years, both in and out of the US -- AQW player xNightStormx tweeted: "@Alina_AE @ArtixKrieger CRUXSHADOWS ON AQW??? I'VE WANTED THIS FOR 5 YEARS. I'M CRYING RIGHT NOW. TEARS OF JOY." Here in the Secret Underground Lab, Artix, Nythera, and Memet are among the 'Shadows super-fans, but we are ALL just as excited as xNightStormx  to have them guest start for Mogloween!


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