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June 14, 2010

Coming next in AQWorlds!

LIVE EVENT: The Phantom of Mythsong in 2 weeks

They say music has the power to change the world*. Have you been following the story that is unfolding in Mythsong canyon? Do you think our hometown of Battleon is actually safe from what is about to happen there? Lorestockapalooza is the biggest musical event in the world**... and the live event with new musical special guest ????? is taking place in 2 WEEKS!!!!!! (Live Event, Friday, June 25th @ 8pm EST) Well, it SHOULD take place... we just discovered an insidious new plot that could stop the event and destroy our hometown. Check back here tomorrow to learn more! (Remember, this is AQWorlds -- ANYTHING can and will happen***)

Forums Question: It is Father's day this weekend too! Item ideas?

* If you are indirectly quoting Bill & Teds excellent adventure, we may need Beleen to smack you for us.
** Do you mean attendance or filesize? Cause those audio files can be pretty big!
*** .... ya'know, as scary as that is, that's why I love this game!

How did the wedding go?

We want to know!

Ok... story time! First, I want to tell you about the "Bach-Lords" party. If there is one thing I like about Cysero and the gang -- all of our real-life adventures are surprisingly suitable for the design notes! So... all of Cysero's male friends met him at a restaurant and we told him we were going to take him to a museum. He was suspicious to say the least. We walked to the museum... and around the corner... into a dark mini-ally where we surprise captured him and put a giant black potato sack over his head. (He was still checking twitter through it so we had to use 3!) He was put in a car, driven around the block a few times and finally when the bag was removed from his head.... we were standing on the dock, all of us completely dressed in pirate-outfits with eye patches, hats, hooks and even a parrot (ok, it was actually a pterodactyl. Pre-historic parrot?!) Cysero, who did not seem surprised at all, was told that to prove his bravery for marraige that he had to perform a test. And this test... was Piracy! YAR! We gave him a skull and crossbones flag... pointed to a boat anchored out in the middle of the bay and said, "Be bringing that one back, matey! Arrrr!" So Cysero jumped into the bay and swam out to capture the boat (Yes, we had rented that boat... and oh yes, have video of this, hehe) We had an amazing time at sea. Well... I am pretty sure right here is where I am NOT supposed to mention how the whole bag + car + super heat == Cysero w/ a wee bit o' sea sickness. A good show for the folks dining at the fancy restraunt at the end of the bay. But he got his sea legs just in time to walk the plank. (LIterally, they gave him a piece of wood with a leash attached to it.) Great memories!

The wedding was also sea-side... and beautiful. Seeing the whole AE team there dressed up fancy (minus some crazy footware) was really cool! Who would have guessed we cleaned up so well. Beleen, in her long fancy dress... somehow kept bringing in unidentifiable objects from the water and having everyone guess what they were. It took the combined might of Thyton, Zazul and several others to break open a long fiberous thing which was... apparently an undead coconut. The tables at the reception were identified by pictures of different Artix Entertainment characters and 1,000 origami cranes (folded by C and Nursey) were hung all over the room. We thought of you and wished you could have been there too. At the wedding, one of C's family members asked me when he was going back to work. I gave a puzzled look and said, "What? He is not working right now?" <cracks whip> Put that cake down.. we have a live event in 2 weeks!

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