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February 18, 2016

War Boss Unlocked: Zeuster

The God of the ChickenCows has landed!

This super-short, completely crazy war is OVER! Talk to Lart in Battleon to head straight to the war boss fight or watch the ending cutscene, "A Poultry Future"! Discover what comes next for Lart the ChickenLord and the chickens of Lore!

Take on the Zeuster Projection in /battleontown for a chance to get the Fowl Deathbringer Blade or the Chick Chick Duck (on your head) helm!

The Chicken War is a HIT!

This war is EGG-ZACTLY what the heroes of Battleon have been searching for! Lart the ChickenLord has been immortalized in a videogame* and WE got a crazy-hysterical war. EVERYBODY WINS!

  • This is the BEST update you've ever had! - Bradley L.
  • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! The Chicken War is too awesome! XD I think I threw out my Chaos Chicken outfit at some point for lack of space, so nice to have a non-purple version that is AC free storage! In fact, there has been a lot of very cool free AC swag lately, I am grateful for it. ^^ This is the kind of zany event that made me love AQW in the first place. - Inkwolf
  • Best event ever! [The team] got us all working together. Brings back the good old days. We all loved the release. ... Most fun had for a while - Warrior Gb1
  • We need more wars like these. This felt like a raid - in a good way - that encouraged teamwork and gifted you nice loot at the end - Lyrein

The Chicken Invasion will be moved to its own, PERMANENT map this weekend**, and Battleon will revert to the normal, non-chickeny hometown you know and love.

* /cheers for Lart and his fantastic idea! 
** There will be a few rare items from this war, but they will not leave for at least a week.

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