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May 29, 2013

Drakath Strikes Back

Will YOU Drive Back the Chaos Attacks?

Slay the Chaorrupted creatures invading the cities and towns across Lore... before they cause so much Chaos there's no Lore left to defend! Things have been too quiet for Drakath, Champion of Chaos, so he loosed his Chaos minions and they're free to play games with your mind... and wreak havoc on your world!

Drakath directs the Chaos attacks!

Chaos War: Expect the Unexpected!

Chaos isn't just "purple evil," and Drakath wants to make sure you and everyone else in Lore know it! Chaos can hurt... or it can help; it can harm or it can heal. THAT is the true nature of Chaos... unpredictability. 

Attacks by Chaorrupted skeletons are NOT humerus.

You, Hero, have grown to used to set patterns, and it's time that changed! As Drakath's monsters spread across Lore, rumors are spreading that some Chaorrupted creatures are attacking, while OTHERS are defending.

NOTHING bad happens to kids in red shirts riding wolves!

Chaos wolves are playing with children while Chaorrupted bears fight off invaders. Chaos chickens lay mountains of wholesome Chaorrupted Eggs for farm-wives to scramble. Sp-Eyes play peek-a-boo with city children.

Unexpected Chaos War Items!

And to make sure you NEVER rely on the things you encounter when facing Chaos monsters, Drakath instructed his war boss to reward you with the Chaorrupter Blade*, which deals EXTRA DAMAGE to Chaos creatures, if you defeat him!

I'd wish you Good Knight, but these were Chaorrupted.

Versions of the Chaorrupter Blade

  • Free-player version drops from the boss monster!
  • Member and AC versions of the blade will have a higher Damage rate 
  • Member and AC versions of the blade will be sold in the war camp shop
  • When the final confrontation against Drakath comes, having the weapon WILL change how your battle against him works!
    (Can't tell you how yet, the Clerics of Order have not yet deciphered the secret scrolls.)

Medallion of Order

If you don't want to take a chance on wielding Chaorrupted weaponry, talk to King Alteon or Empress Gravelyn in the Chaoswar map to buy the Medallion of Order for 500 AdventureCoins! 

Chaorrupted Gorillaphants go ape for heroes to slay!

With the Medallion in your inventory, your war meter will raise twice as fast, because this magical medallion cuts the number of Chaorrupted creatures you need to kill by 50%!

Tomorrow: previews of the Golden Fury armor set which comes with the 12 Month Membership package!

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