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August 29, 2014

13 Lords of Chaos Saga Finale

The Queen of Monsters Rises!

Journey into the Realm of Chaos to confront the Queen of Monsters and face all 13 Lords of Chaos one last time… as the world begins to shatter around you! There is only one thing you can do to save your home and the people who depend on you: defeat Drakath and confine the Queen of Monsters to the Chaos Realm for another millenium! The fate of the world rests on the single, most important choice you will EVER make, Hero!

What will YOU Do When the Queen Rises?!

LQS Sale Begins at 10:30 AM Today!

Starting this Friday, August 29th, at 10:30 AM server time, head to our Limited Quantity Set page to grab one of these insur-MOUNT-ably awesome sets! Each set also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore! Watch for more preview art of the weapons, helms, and female armors tomorrow (and maybe a movie showing the flying!)

7 full sets go live today!

Limited Quantity Set Restock Schedule

The Gryphon LQS opens at 10:30 AM this Friday, August 29th! (That is mid-morning, server time.) Not sure when that is in your part of the world? Here's a timezone converter to make setting your alarm easier!

  1. 10:30 AM Friday
  2. 8:30 PM Friday
  3. 6:30 AM Saturday
  4. 4:30 PM Saturday
  5. 2:30 AM Sunday
  6. 12:30 PM Sunday

Find out more information on our Design Notes!

Double Boost Weekend!

Oh MAN, you guys! This has been one of the CRAZIEST summers in AE history... all thanks to Chaos! And to thank you guys for battling alongside us as we take down the Champion of Chaos and begin the trek towards the next main storyline, we have a DOUBLE Rep, XP, CP, and Gold boost going on all weekend long!*

* Server boost suggested by your fellow hero Zoraith! (What a generous guy! /cheer)

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