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August 20, 2014

Cast of Chaos Characters

Many will stand with you. More will stand against you!

This Friday, learn who your true allies are in the battle against chaos! And remember, what has been Chaorrupted is not always lost...

When you ressurect this weekend, the first thing you'll do is select the who your guide out of the Underworld will be.

And that choice will determine how the coming battles play out! Each of four endings is based on the choice you make at the very start of your adventure. AND determines who lives... and who dies. All the endings have pre-requisites, so make sure you have completed as much of the core (and side storylines, like Doomwood), as possible!

Also happening this weekend:

  • The Chaos Champion Prime armor set arrives in the Chaos Rares shop!
  • Nulgath's Rares and Diamond Merge shops get updated with the Time Lady/Gentleman set, the Dire Monk, and more!
  • The Wheels of Doom and Destiny leave THIS SATURDAY! This is your LAST CHANCE to use your Fortune Tickets to get item drops!

PS: The hunt for Gjappy's birthday weapons is ON! (Wish him a happy birthday on Twitter, then battle the DoomKitten and Frankenwerepyre for a chance to get his birthday gifts to you!)

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