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November 11, 2010

Calendar Pre-Orders!

HeroMart Is Taking Pre-Orders!

Artix would have mentioned this but he ran out of time before the plane left.

Have you ever seen a paladin clinging onto the tail rudder of a 747 as it flies away? Funny, funny stuff.

Anyway, today the AE Year of the Moglin 2011 Calander went on PRE-sale at HeroMart.

We are NOT SOLD OUT, even though it might say that we are. Actually, the calendars haven't arrived from the printer yet.

Each calendar comes with a Battleon Code Card inside it which unlocks the Chronomancer Class (and Achievement Badge) in AQW, as well as the Chronomancer Armor in AQ classic, the Chronomancer Class in DragonFable and the Chronos Mech in MechQuest!

It also comes with great features like: Pictures of some of AE's favorite NPCs and the power to tell you, without fail, the date.

When the calendars arrive at the underground lab on November 22nd and we will be shipping them out soon after. It should arrive JUST in time for the holidays (makes a great gift).

We have only printed 1000 calendars in this first run and we're not sure when or even if we will have a second printing so if you want one of these I HIGHLY suggest pre-ordering.

liek NAO.

Uncoming Funzorz!

We've got a lot of stuff we're working on here at the lab, including the next Chaos Zone, our annual Cornycopia holiday festival, Frostval and the Frostval Cookie & Cake contest, and a fun AE Holiday Drawing (no purchase necessary. I think i HAVE to say that)!

Oh yeah, and our super powered MMO, coming soon!

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