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May 20, 2013

Build the Blade of Awe

Find the Pieces to Build this Legendary Weapon!

Quest throughout Lore this Friday, defeating the toughest monsters and roughest bosses to gather the pieces of Blade of Awe! Every Hero in a fantasy game needs a weapon strong enough to save the world, and the enhancements attached to this blade will make sure no villain can withstand your might!

Create the most powerful blade ever!

Releasing this Friday:

  • Blade of Awe
  • Evolved Blade of Awe
  • Guardian's Blade of Awe
  • Spear of Awe (and Evolved version)
  • Daggers of Awe (and Evolved version)
  • Staff of Awe (and Evolved version)
  • Armored Guardian Dragon Battle Pet*
    (upgrade to unlock!)
  • Enhancements of Awe shop!**

* The Armored Guardian Dragon Battle Pet says snarky comments as it attacks!
** These Enhancements will have special effects (like the Spitfire Enh) to make your attacks more awesome! AND you can apply them to ANY weapon!

How do I get the Blade of Awe?!

You will need to quest to find each hard-to-find piece of the Blade of Awe before you can put it together.

  • Find the Stonewrit! - slay dragons until you find it
  • Find the Handle! - slay elemental monsters until you find it
  • Find the Hilt! - slay undead monsters until you find it
  • Find the Blade! - slay Chaos Beasts until you find it
  • Find the Runes! - slay Chaos Lords until you find it

Slay undead to find the Hilt of Awe!

How do I get the Staff, Dagger, and Spear of Awe?!

Once you've created the Blade of Awe, you can unlock the AWE-some Weapon Shop from Valencia, where you can purchase the following weapons for Adventure Coins OR a large amount of gold:

  • Staff of Awe
  • Spear of Awe
  • Daggers of Awe

Slay Dragons to find the Stonewrit of Awe!

How do I get the Evolved Weapons of Awe?!

And if you love how much AQW's art has improved since 2008, you can ALSO quest to get the Evolved Weapons of Awe! Members can talk to Valencia to begin the following quests:

  • Evolve the Blade! 
  • Evolve the Staff!
  • Evolve the Daggers!
  • Evolve the Spear!

These quests will take Members on a journey through Lore battling the toughest beasts in the game!

Face the Chaos Lords to find the Runes of Awe!

How do I get the Guardian Blade of Awe?!

If you are a Guardian in the original AdventureQuest AND have verified your Guardian account, then you can find the Guardian Patent resource in the AQ Verification shop! Once you've created the Blade of Awe, merge it with the Patent to create the Guardian Blade of Awe!

Slay challenge bosses to evolve the Blade of Awe!

Do Guardians get any other advantage?

Yes! Since the original Blade of Awe was crafted in AdventureQuest, we want to thank its supporters. The Clue of Awe will be added to the Verification shop which they can give to Valencia to create the Stonewrit! (Means 1 less quest for you to do, Guardians!)

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