Design Notes

November 29, 2011

Chaos Beast Rises Friday!

Krellenos sets Chaos in motion!

Good. Evil. And CHAOS! All forces are in play this week as Krellenos reveals his plans for your Hero, the Alliance Leaders, and all of Lore! Oh, and did we mention he just happens to have a 20-foot tall Serpentress at his command? That lowly snake creature has morphed into a Chaorrupted Bloodtusk legend: the Gruaige Baas!

This Friday, journey under the heart of Bloodtusk Ravine through a mystical cavern system to find the Alliance Leaders, Krellenos, and the Chaos Beast itself! If you fail, not only the Alliance but all of Lore will be torn apart by fear and the certainty that their loved ones will betray them... just as Krellenos deceived his!

Your future rests on what these caves contain.

Draw upon your skills as a Hero to DEFY the destiny Krellenos Sees for you!

Horc Evader and Troll Spellsmith Classes!

Whether you prefer Melee or Magic battling, you'll find a class that will stun you! (So you better make sure to put your points in Dodge!) Tomorrow Cysero will post the skill writeups for the Horc Evader and Troll Spellsmith classes! Yesterday Artix posted a tantazling concept sketch Dage the Evil drew up for them. Below you'll find the fully-Flashed art, fully coded and ready for testing!

Both classes are available by repping up to Rank 10 (in Horc for Evader, in Troll for Spellsmith), but we're also offering AC versions of each class! Cysero and Dumoose went head to head today testing the classes' balance in PvP.

With that, I'm signing off to go email Nulgath and Samba the cutscenes they need to animate, then finish off the last of the cranberry sauce I made yesterday. (Who says it's only for Thanksgiving?!) Enjoy the previews and see you in... a few hours!

PS: Make sure you check out Cysero's post on AE's donation to Child's Play! It's all thanks to YOU guys that we were able to become Platinum sponsors! Gamers helping kids... who could grow up to be gamers. It is a beautiful cycle!

PPS: If you're up to date on the Bloodtusk storyline, why not head to Bloodtusk and check out Khasaanda? Looks like Krellenos has vanished and his sister is revealing some all-new information that should tantalize and tease with hints of events to come!

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