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June 24, 2016

Battle the Black Hole Sun's Minions

The next chapter of the Throne of Darkness begins with... WAR!

When a black hole sun appears over Battleon, it’s a sign that things are about to get… TWISTED! And inverted. And very, very BAD… As we gear up to begin telling Sekt's tale of the 4th Dimensional Pyramid, you'll need to get down and DARK as our world is threatened by creatures spawned from the heart of a black hole sun!

Battle to Raise the War Meter

How to fight in an AQWorlds war:

  1. /join blackholesun
  2. Slay the creatures of the Black hole Sun to get war medals and mega war medals
  3. Turn the medals in to raise the war meter
  4. As the war meter rises, more areas will be unlocked and special surprises will arrive
  5. Complete Anubyx's farming quest to get merge shop resources to create reward gear
  6. Get the war meter to 100% to unlock additional cutscenes AND the war boss!

Special Black Hole Sun war features:

Get the war meter to the following percents to unlock new content!

  • 10%: New room in the map
  • 20%: A new monster joins the war
  • 30%: The map expands
  • 40%: The map expands AGAIN!
  • 50%: A war chest is unlocked with surprises inside!
  • 60%: A new cutscene is unlocked PLUS a new monster joins the battle
  • 70%: The map grows even LARGER!
  • 80%: The next new monster joins the battle!
  • 90%: The battleground grows even larger!
  • 100%: The boss monster and area is unlocked AND new cutscenes are unlocked
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