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May 25, 2011

I bungled the DoomWood sign!

Bert Boomtower says:

Ain't it tha stranges' thang, Heroes? I tell you what, that ol' Etherstorm Wastes sign...  I found it was where I didn't put it!  An' that ol' DoomWood sign... I coulda sworn that I placed it richt'chere! But where it should be, it isn't. That ain't right, it just ain't right. *grumble*

A body cain't work but their honest labor gets undone.  *mumble* I 'spect it's them Undead I seen lurkin' 'bout. More o' them ever' day, I says! You heroes, you should go and see fer yourselves. And the rumors...

My heart, them rumors can make a man quake! An abomination is on tha loose, and the Paladins are havin' to handle it! But... they're nowhere to be found anymore! They could be HURT! It just ain't right, I tell you what! *spit*

Alina translates:

... Thanks, Bert. Good luck making all the rest of those signs! So, as a quick translation, what Bert was trying to say was that the sign in Greenguard Forest which points to the Etherstorm Wastes should REALLY read "DoomWood."

He also mentions that many Undead have been seen in his vicinity lately, and that the Paladins are missing. That is VERY troubling! If the Paladins aren't around to deal with the Undead, who will save DoomWood? And, more importantly, WHERE have the Paladins gone? They wouldn't desert their posts willingly...

And important news for you Heroes to remember:

  • June 1st (next Wednesday!) is the LAST day to become a HeroSmash Founder!*
  • This Friday is the last chance to get the Friday the 13th Voltaire and Deady items before they go rare!**
  • The DoomWood Saga starts this Friday! Get ready for a tale of Darkness, Light, and the Heroes who love them!

* You'll also become a VIP Member, gaining membership in BOTH HeroSmash and AQWorlds!
** The Vorutanian Key Blade may return in the future, so it has been upgraded to "Artifact" status!

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