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November 27, 2015

BladeMaster Assassin Class Skills

Rule the shadows as a Blademaster Assassin!

This Black Fridays comes forth a new Class, Blademaster Assassin! With devastating AoE and high critical strikes, loving to fight multiple enemies at once while able to assassinate one quickly and quietly. This Class IS GOING RARE so make sure you don’t miss out. Adventure Coins is the only way to obtain this Class so get it before it’s gone!

Master the Ninja Arts!

Heya guys, it’s Sync. I like to thank Arklen for making this Class with me, also Dage for doing the very animations on the Class! Blademaster Assassin is a very bursty evasive type Class that excels in taking multiple targets at once and prefers it. Using your ninja arts to outplay your opponents with swordsman play and uncanny tactics. Even so, Blademaster Assassins prefer taking chances before consistency, putting their life on the line for better means.

This Class is an excellent farming and PvP Class. Farming with your massive AoE and high bursty damage allows you to take out multiple enemies down in seconds. Also with your high amount of evasion, you heal every time you perform a successful dodge to have a really nice sustain against a higher number of enemies. Properly timing your skills in PvP can drastically change the battle, negating deadly attacks from your opponent all the way to breaking through their defences and hindering their abilities to sustain against you!

Blademaster Assassin Skill Breakdown!

Mana Regeneration: Blademaster Assassins gain mana like most other evasive Classes, by doing damage and dodging. While you dodge, you regen HP as well. High amount of Dodge is the key to have high sustain and mana regeneration.

Stats: This Class is an Evasive, so they prefer on their secondary stats (Hit, Crit, Haste, and Evasion) more than anything else. Also focus on high Dexterity before Strength to be nimble but effective with precise attacks.

Auto Attack:  Nukitsuke

1.75 second cooldown

A blade strike from the hilt, fast enough to hit before your opponent gets a chance to act.

This is your Blademaster auto attack, it hits harder than a Rogue model auto attack, but a bit slower. Hit less than your standard auto attack, but hits faster.

Rank 1:  Iaijutsu

15 Mana, 8 Second Cooldown

Sheaths your sword waiting for the perfect moment to strike, slashing your opponent by surprise for a guaranteed Hit and Crit. Allows that strike a 50% chance to apply Spinning Dragon, negating their next attack to 0.

This is your most spammable ability. Lacking the damage compared to your other skills, this acts as an utility skill. Having a 100% chance to Hit and Crit allows it to always deliver. Spinning Dragon is where it receives a high skill cap. If timed, and if you activate you can successfully negate a heavy nuke or attack your opponent tosses at you.

Rank 2:  Death’s Dance

Mana 22, 20 Second Cooldown

Performs a deadly stance, increasing your Dodge by 20% and Critical Strike Damage by 20% for 18 seconds. Also applies Do or Die, increasing your Damage Output by 20% however increasing your Damage Taken by 20% for the duration.

This is what makes or breaks the Class.You increase your Dodge and Critical Strike Damage by a massive amount as well as your Damage Output. As for a trade off, you will additional Damage Taken for the same amount. Hence the Do or Die.

Rank 3:  Simple Solution

Mana 25, 10 Second Cooldown

Deals Moderately Strong Damage to the initial target and lesser damage to two other targets. Ignores all damage reducing effects in play. Applies Slicing Winds, reducing your target’s Crit Chance by 25% for 4 seconds.

This is my favorite skill on the Class, it’s simple and effective. Deals a good amount of damage to multiple targets that ignore Damage debuffing effects the opponent has on you. This works nicely in PvP and on some bosses to always break through their defences.

Rank 4:  Kyushojutsu & Zanshin

Increases Crit Chance by 12% and Increases Hit Chance and Dodge by 10%

Kyushojutsu is the Art of Vital Points, gives more chance to Critically Strike so your Death’s Dance can be even more effective. Zanshin is the Art of Mental Awareness, always having a clear mind to make your reactions as sudden as possible

Rank 5:  Umbral Shuriken

32 mana, 15 Second Cooldown

Releases a barrage of Shurikens dealing High Damage up to 6 targets around the user. Applies Hemorrhage, inflicting a gruesome DoT and Decay, Cannot Heal!, preventing them from healing for 6 seconds.

This is your Nuke but not just any typical one, it hits up to 6 people! As well as applying some helpful effects to cripple your opponents further. Poisoning them applying a deadly DoT while negating their healing to prevent any cures. Makes an excellent farming skill with it’s high AoE cap and pretty low cooldown allowing you to use this skill the moment it’s up.

Rank 10: Taihenjutsu

Increases Haste and Dexterity by 10%

Taihenjutsu means art of Body Moving allowing you to use your abilities faster, while increasing your Dexterity to Hit more, Crit more and Dodge more.


This Class thrives off of it’s Dexterity stat. The more you have, the more you’ll perform. Luck is also essential to increase Iaijutsu’s damage and overall Critical Strike Damage with Death's Dance.

Thief: The standard Enhancement for this class, focusing on your Dexterity stat is the right way to go increasing your Dodge, Hit, and Crit potential while giving you some Endurance stats and a bit on strength.

Luck: Luck will bring out the damage in the Class when you critically strike, dealing WAY more damage upon so. Also giving a solid balance of all the stats giving it some nice Evasion.

Overall Summary

In conclusion, this Class is a lot of fun. Giving it a nice skill cap in PvP to time your skills even though they are on pretty low cooldowns, to get past and/or negate their skills. As for the ability to attack multiple enemies at once it makes a wonderful farming Class dealing high amounts of damage while having solid sustain through Evasion. Wait to use Iaijutsu to have a solid chance to block off a strong attack or just to put out some quick damage. Be careful with Death’s Dance, you get a wide amount of stats from this skill but you’re a lot more squishy. Simple Solution allows the class to have some type of counter to other heavy damage reducing Classes with style. Umbral Shuriken is a massive attack always use this when it’s up to maximize your DPS. Follow these steps to master the Ninja Arts, and become a legendary Blademaster Assassin.

Had a blast with this Class and I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Contact me on Twitter, :)

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