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August 20, 2016

August 2016 Limited Quantity Sets

Limited Quantity Packages: Get'em While They're Here!

Head to our Limited Quantity Package page NOW! the race is on for the ultimate in rare gear! Log in for a chance to get one of a limited number of gear packages, including Dage’s Glacial Commander andNulgath’s VoidRider sets!

This weekend, all of the limited quantity sets that did not sell out the first time 'round will become available again! Once their quantity reaches 0, they will never become available again... which means, they become instant status symbols for you rare hunters. Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore! 

Unlock the CryptKeeper Vault and get ALL 25 items!

Price: 4000 AdventureCoins
Initial stock: 1002
Restock quantity: 110

  • Ancient CryptKeeper Armor
  • Arcane CryptKeeper Armor
  • Abyssal CryptKeeper Armor
  • 13 helms
  • 4 capes
  • 5 weapons
  • and unique Book of Lore AND character page badges

Ancient CryptKeeper

Price: 2000 AdventureCoins
Initial stock: 504
Restock quantity: 48

  • Ancient CryptKeeper Armor
  • CryptKeeper Plague Doctor Helm 
  • CryptKeeper Cowl Locks Helm
  • CryptKeeper Skull Helm
  • CryptKeeper Braids and Collar Helm
  • CryptKeeper Cowl Helm
  • CryptKeeper Cowl Hawk Helm
  • Plasmatic Dagger and Tome Daggers
  • Ecto Dragon Cape
  • Ecto Minions Cape
  • Reversed Plasmatic Daggerand unique Book of Lore AND character page badges

Nulgath’s Void Rider Armor 

Price: 1000 AdventureCoins
Initial stock: 838
Restock quantity: 75

Includes motorcycle mount armor. gives 15% more Class Points when equipped.

Dage's Glacial Commander Armor Set (AdventureCoin gear)

Price: 2000 AdventureCoins
Initial stock: 526
Restock quantity: 35

  • Armor 
  • 6 helms
  • 1 cape 
  • 1 weapon.

Ice Realm Portal House 

Price: 1000 AdventureCoins
Initial stock: 1039
Restock quantity: 130

Package includes in-game house.

Shatterglass Weapon Pack (For all players)

Price: 25,000 gold
Initial stock: 5080
Restock quantity: 490

Package includes 3 weapons and a 0 AC pet

Bright Fortress House 

Price: 1000 AdventureCoins
Initial stock: 1348
Restock quantity: 85

Package includes an in-game house.

Dage’s DreadSpace Set 

Price: 2000 AdventureCoins
Initial stock: 962
Restock quantity: 150

  • Armor 
  • helms 
  • and weapons. 

Items give additional XP and Class Points when equipped. 

Data Elemental Pet and Weapon (Available for all players)

Price: 50,000 gold
Initial stock: 15,000
Restock quantity: 1600

Package includes a 0 AC pet and axe for all players, plus a member-only battle pet 

Dage's Crimson Knight Set

Price: 2000 AdventureCoins
Initial stock: 1083
Restock quantity: 75

  • Crimson Knight and Shield Armor
  • Crimson Knight Armor
  • Helms
  • Cape
  • Blade and Lance weapons

Ice Fortress House and Daily Quest

Price: 2000 AdventureCoins
Initial stock: 575
Restock quantity: 50

  • Ice Fortress house comes with the Frozen Treasure Chest house item with Daily Quest
  • Quest will reward 1500 gold and XP, plus either an exclusive weapon, boost, or potion

Sheng Long Guardian

Price: 1000 AdventureCoins
Initial stock: 1087
Restock quantity: 175

ShadowScythe Flying Gryphon Armor

Price: 1500 AdventureCoins
Initial stock: 2032
Restock quantity: 275

Note: Shadowscythe Walking Gryphon Rider armor not included


Dread Gryphon Rider Armors

Name: Dread Leopard Flying Gryphon armor
Price: 1000 AdventureCoins
Initial stock: 1654
Restock quantity: 150

Name: Dread Leopard Gryphon Rider
Price: 150,000 gold (current and past Members only)
Initial stock: 5118
Restock quantity: 580

Bright Flying Gryphon Rider 

Price: 1500 AdventureCoins
Initial stock: 2644
Restock quantity: 250

What are Limited Quantity Packages?

A Limited Quantity Package* is a group of items sold together which has a set quantity. Once the gear has sold out, that's it. The total number of packages is the same for everyone, everwhere, so if you see 300 packages left on the web page counter, that's what we've got left in stock. These items are non-refundable, so once you click the "confirm purchase" button, that set is yours to keep!

How Do They Work?

Excellent question! Starting this Friday, August 26th, at 11 AM server time, the intial stock of our Limited Quantity Packages will be released again. Once they are, you'll need to:

  1. Head to the Limited Quantity Package page
  2. Select the package you want to buy
  3. Confirm your purchase
  4. Log into your AQWorlds account
  5. Open your Book of Lore and go to the Achievements tab
  6. Look under the "Other Badges"section
  7. Find the Package Badge and open the shop to get your gear!

Limited Quantity Package Restock Schedule

Package quantities partially restock throughout the weekend to give everyone a chance to get the gear they want, no matter what timezone or country they live in.

Restock times:

  • 3:00 PM Friday, 8/26
  • 7:00 PM Friday, 8/26
  • 11:00 PM Friday, 8/26
  • 3:00 AM Saturday, 8/27
  • 7:00 AM Saturday, 8/27
  • 11:00 AM Saturday, 8/27
  • 3:00 PM Saturday, 8/27
  • 7:00 PM Saturday, 8/27
  • 11:00 PM Saturday, 8/27
  • 3:00 AM Sunday, 8/28
  • 7:00 AM Sunday, 8/28
  • 11:00 AM Sunday, 8/28
  • 3:00 PM Sunday, 8/28
  • 7:00 PM Sunday, 8/28
All times listed are for Eastern U.S. time zone.  That's the same as server time. You can find a timezone converter here so you know exactly when the restocks are in your part of the world!

Limited Quantity Package Badges

We haven't always offered character page badges with our limited quantity packages, but after the successes of the last two LQS's... we are going to offer badges with ALL of the packages listed above! That means if you bought one of the above packages originally, you will also get a character page badge automatically!

Isn't this gear rare, though?

Good question! Limited Quantity Sets aren't considered "rare" until they've sold out. (These aren't limite time packages, they are limited quantity packages!) Once they do sell out, then they will never become available again!
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