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December 13, 2013

Lord of the Wedding Ring

Artix's Battle Wedding Event is LIVE!

Log in NOW and talk to Adam in Battleon to begin this once-in-a-lifetime in-game event, as Artix's creator marries his longtime love! Friday the 13th is a nice day for a fight wedding... and we've got the ninjas, bellhops, and maniacal bosses to prove it!

The BEST battle weddings have ninjas AND superheroes!

Tonight, get ready to:

  • Help a mysterious damsel in distress
  • Battle legions of ninjas
  • Defeat squads of bellhops
  • Take down massively-maniacal bosses
  • Unlock 4 different endings
  • Battle to earn resources in the Wedding merge shop

The BEST battle weddings have ninjas AND superheroes!

And don't miss wedding celebration shops in some of our other games:

  • DragonFable's Ebil Love shop (coming later tonight)
  • MechQuest's Rocket of Love shop
  • HeroSmash's Guns of Love shop
  • Items will arrive in EpicDuel and AdventureQuest next week!

Battle Wedding Spectacular!

Every young video game creator dreams about his wedding, and Artix's creator, Adam Bohn, was no different. You know, something traditional. White flowers… musical preludes… and the onslaught of armored groomsmen, swordfights, ninjas, Iron Man, Batman, WWE’s Jimmy Hart, and evil bellhops all taking place during the middle of the very organized, formal ceremony.

Photo: Sylvain Gentile

Coming Soon!

  • Later tonight: the Glacial Warlord AC armor set will arrive in Battleon in just a bit. (The Legion Glacial Warlord set is in the Undead Legion Merge shop NOW!)
  • Beleen's birthday shop will release tomorrow!
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