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August 06, 2013

Today’s Featured Artist Shop

Ven du Violetmist in the Limelight!

What a glorious Tuesday it is! The sun is shining bright in Battleon, ready to welcome the brand-new Featured Artist Showcase Shop!

Limited Time Featured Artist Showcase Shop in free to play fantasy games

Later this afternoon, the Game Menu will be updated with epic items specially crafted by Ven du Violetmist. Feast your eyes on these Leviasea-exclusive items that will aid you in your upcoming adventures!


Ven armors

Knight of the Leviasea Armor—Rare!

Capes and Back Items

Ven capes

Leviasean Weave Cape—Rare!

The Gift (Sheathed) Cape—Legends Only

The Gift (Vertical Sheath) Cape

Helms and Hairstyles

Ven helms

Bedhead Hairstyle

Bedhead Gasmask—Legends Only

Tress and Gasmask—Legends Only

Leviasean Tresses

Dyed Bedhead Hairstyle

Leviasea Hood—Rare!

Leviasea Hood and Gas Mask—Rare!

Covered Leviasean Tresses—Legends Only

Covered Leviasean Bedhead—Legends Only

Weapons and sharp things

Ven's Weapons

Leviasean Rapier—Rare!

Leviasean Pike—Legends Only

The Gift sword

The Story of Ven du Violetmist

Back when you were a little Level 0, do you remember the timeless story “The Hero and the Health Potions”? It’s a story about a young adventurer who drank too many HP Potions—some from Swordhaven and others from Shadowfall—and was equally consumed by the forces of Good and Evil. The moral of the story was to teach the dangers of gluttony…and the main character of “The Hero and the Health Potions” was Ven du Violetmist!

Ven du Violetmist NPC

Despite a children’s book being written about Ven, little is known about her factual history. Ancient books in the Arcangrove Tower speak of a hidden plane inside other planes of existence, characterized by "what exists," "doesn't exist," and what "never existed"… a mysterious place known as Leviasea. Leviasea history recounts a human-like figure called Ven du Violetmist, who was imprisoned for eons due to her “unpredictable” and “immortal” magic prowess.

The lack of knowledge about Ven du Violetmist, paired with her unknown intentions and indestructible nature, makes her an uneasy foe to both Good and Evil alignments. Often accompanied by her Leviasea Knights, Ven du Violetmist emerges into Lore for the first time… or at least, the first known time.

In the real world, Ven hails from the magical realm of Lisbon, Portugal, and currently resides in a small peaceful town. Ven started making cartoon shorts for the original AdventureQuest and created suggestion items for AdventureQuest and DragonFable. With each new art submission, Ven got more and more inspired—and excited!—and began chasing something even more awesome: AdventureQuest Worlds art! Ven has been a volunteer artist since 2010 and is currently pursuing their real-life adventures. 

Thanks Ven du Violetmist for sharing your story with us! And every hero in AdventureQuest Worlds cannot wait to become one of your faithful Leviasea Knights.

Onward into battle, my heroes!

xoxo Beleen

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