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October 29, 2013

Arklen’s Artist Showcase Shop

Animation Wizard turned Featured Artist

Just when you thought your favorite day was Friday Release Day… here comes Tuesday taking the spotlight with the Featured Artist Showcase Shop!

Artist Showcase Shop online adventure games

Special Tuesdays throughout the year are dedicated to an AdventureQuest Worlds artist who gets to express his or her creativity by creating unique items for YOU! We have been blessed with the artistic talents of… *a really big deep breath*… Zoshi, Diozz, Tyronius, Aegis, Jemini, Ven, J6, Dage, Mido, Hizu, Nuglath, and myself, *another big breath* aaaand now it’s time for Arklen to ignite the stage.

Give me the Goodies

As much as you’d love to learn more about Arklen as a person, you’re probably a bit more excited about the items in his shop. And for good reason, too—Arklen conjured up some of the HOTTEST items we have ever seen!

Plasma Pyro Armor and Helm

Plasma Pyro Armor and Helm

Plasma Pyro items

Plasma Pyro Cape, Plasma Pyro Blade, and Battle Pet Pyro

Arklen Banana Blade

B’Naner Blade… because you’ve always wanted a delicious concealed weapon… some might even call it a conpeeled weapon...

Starting at 5pm Sever Time, open your Game Menu and claim your favorite Arklen items from the Featured Artist Shop! You can also speak with Arklen in Battlecon to access his hot stuff.

Pyro Pricing

Due to insane inferno animations, the items in Arklen’s Shop will be Legend-Only, OR you can use AdventureCoins instead! If you haven’t already become an Upgraded Legend, then this is the PERFECT time to Upgrade your Membership because the LAST day for 5th Upholders is Thursday, October 31.

5th Upholder badge and star swords

Click here to become a Legend now!

Additionally, we are running a special on AdventureCoins: 10% More AdventureCoins when you buy with a Credit Card.

Earn 10 percent more ACs when you buy with your Credit Card

Click here to order your AdventureCoins bundle and receive 10% more ACs!

So if you wanna be the hottest thing in AQWorlds—literally—then help support your favorite online adventure game and show off your smokin’ hotness =D

Hark Arklen’s Story

Arklen’s adventures began 10 years ago when he started playing the original AdventureQuest—it was the only Flash RPG back then! After scoring some animation software, Arklen created a magical floating turtle that shot a blue water blob at its enemies. When Captain Rhubarb and Galanoth caught sight of this reptilian rascal, they invited the intrepid animator to join the Artix Entertainment family.

Arklen first animation in AdventureQuest game 

For as long as he can remember, Arklen always liked drawing. Japanese TV shows made drawing seem a little more accessible, and his immensely more talented friend kept him motivated. Arklen calls himself an Animator first and an Artist second. He’s been focusing on effects animation (hence the Plasma Pyro armor set), but character animation is close behind. To this day, Arklen continues to animate and is leveling up his artist abilities with the help of the AE community!

Arklen Featured Artist

Not only has Arklen traveled across AdventureQuest Worlds, but also all across the real-world; he’s found artistic inspiration in Poland, London, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. Arklen also loves raviolis, sweet chili, and spaghetti squash. Douse that with red sauce, and he’s in love. Wash it all down with an almond milkshake and Arklen is in heaven! 

Wowie! Arklen sure is a fascinating fellow. And come later this afternoon, you too will be fascinated by Arklen’s fiery items as you Battle On to victory!

xoxo Beleen

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