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April 15, 2015

The Armor of Awe

Begin the quest to create the set this Friday!

The Blade of Awe is one of the most iconic weapons in Artix Entertainment's game arsenal... but it's not the ONLY Awe-some equipment in the series! This Friday, begin your quest to unlock one of the brightest and most noble armors in AdventureQuest Worlds: the Armor of Awe!

free rpg mmo armor aweDangerous quests lead to great rewards!

Three Ways to Unlock the Armor of Awe Quests

Talk to Valencia in the Museum and head to the crossroads to begin your quest for glory, fame, and AWE!

AQW Legends:

  • Buy the Legendary Awe Pass from Valencia to begin the quests immediately!

AQ Guardians:

  • Have rank 5 Blade of Awe reputation
  • Be at least level 35 
  • Buy the Guardian Awe Map from Valencia to begin the quests!

Everyone else:

Once you have unlocked the Armor of Awe quests, prepare to BATTLE! You'll need to complete a quest to gather each of the following armor pieces:

  • Breastplate
  • Pauldron
  • Vambrace
  • Gauntlets
  • Greaves
  • Helm

Each of the above quests will reward you with one "Piece of Awe Armor" merge item. Once you have all six pieces, you can create the Armor of Awe set in Valencia's merge shop!

History of the Armor of Awe

In the original AdventureQuest, the Armor of Awe was first worn by King Awethur; after he turned evil, the guardians of the old kingdoms trapped him in a tomb, then broke his weapon, the Blade of Awe and had hidden the pieces. 

In DragonFable, the Armor of Awe has not yet been found, but Valencia and the Hero work with Trey Surehunter to find the Blade of Awe during the Earth Orb Saga. Once they do, some pretty wicked events take place (you should play them here!). Ultimately, they find and BREAK the Blade of Awe, mirroring the actions in AdventureQuest, their alternate timeline.

Dage the Evil, our lead item artist, has been a fan of the original AdventureQuest for years, and is still really inspired by the art and stories from those early years. He's created an updated look for the Armor of Awe in AQWorlds so that all of you can enjoy it, too!

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