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October 01, 2021

Become a 13th Upholder

Support AQWorlds and Become a Legend!

AdventureQuest Worlds went live in 2008. 13 years ago.* Many insanely-passionate players jumped at the chance to become the first Members of AQW. These dedicated, early supporters of the game became the game's Founders. And in honor of their trust and confidence, every October, we hold the Upholder promotion. Anyone upgrading during that month automatically becomes an Upholder... instantly making you one of our most Legendary supporters and unlocking a host of exclusive items and perks! 

AdventureQuest Worlds would not be what it is today without the support of those original Founders and all of the Upholders that came after... and we would not be able to build what comes next without your support now.

How to become a 13th Upholder

tarting now we are once again offering the chance to become an AQW Upholder. Upgrade your account with any membership package until 11:59 EST on November 1st and unlock:

  • Have an active membership that expires after November 2nd, 2021 or
  • Upgrade your AQW account with ANY membership ANYTIME during the month of October**

All 13th Upholder badges and gear will be unlocked with tonight's release.

What does a 13th Upholder get?

As a 13th Upholder, you'll receive:

  • Exclusive Upholder Class: Sentinel Class!***
  • Sentinel armor set
  • Access to the exclusive Star Sword: Origins zone
  • 13th Upholder exclusive Star Swords
  • 13 Chaos Lord Star Swords
  • 12 Lord of Order Star Swords
  • 13th Upholder Character Page Badge
  • Infinite bragging rights

The 13th Upholder exclusive Star Swords are:

  • Glacial Star Sword
  • SoulWeaver Star Sword
  • Rainbow Star Sword
  • Alchemical + Classic Alchemical Star Sword
  • Bonebreaker + Classic Bonebreaker Star Sword
  • Fallen + Classic Fallen Star Sword
  • SkyGuard + Classic SkyGuard Star Sword

All Upholders Unlock: Chaos Lord Star Swords

Last year, to celebrate our 12th Upholder / AQWorlds anniversary event, we permanently released the 12 Lords of Order Star Swords for ALL upholders in the StarSword Merge Shop in /dragonroad. This year, we are releasing the 13 Lords of Chaos Star Swords for ALL upholders in the StarSword Merge Shop in /dragonroad! 

The Chaos Lords and their Star Swords are:

  • 1st: Escherion + Star Sword
  • 2nd: Xiang + Star Sword
  • 3rd: Vath + Star Sword
  • 4th: Kitsune + Star Sword
  • 5th: WolfWing + Star Sword
  • 6th: Kimberly + Star Sword
  • 7th: Ledgermayne + Star Sword
  • 8th: Tibicenas + Star Sword
  • 9th: Khasaanda + Star Sword
  • 10th: Iadoa + Star Sword
  • 11th: Lionfang + Star Sword
  • 12th: Alteon + Star Sword
  • 13th: Dragon + Star Sword

Want to know if you're already an Upholder?

That's easy! Just click the Manage Account link on the left under the ACCOUNT section. As soon as you sign in you'll see when your membership expires. 

Your support makes all of our daily and weekly releases possible. It allows us to keep updating and expanding AQWorlds, and lets us keep most of the game free to play for ALL heroes.

Thank you for helping us keep AQWorlds online and updating since 2008, and working on the early development phases that will bring AQWorlds Mobile to life.

* We had no idea what kind of chaos we would create over the coming years!
** Please note that only Upgraded Legend Memberships count towards 12th Upholder.
*** The Sentinel Class will be available for ALL previous Upholders and Founders as our way of saying thanks for supporting us in the past! 

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