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June 04, 2021

This Weekend: Paladin Celebration!

Unlock new Paladin-themed gear + level up your Destiny Axe

Summer is upon us, and the sun is shining more brightly than Artix's Blinding Light of Destiny! Log in this weekend as we ward off the ShadowFlame's oncoming darkness with a bright, Paladin-themed release. We've got new quests, the Sanctified Arbiter paladin gear, and a permanently-available version of the Daimyo pet! 

In LightGuard Keep

Find Jill'ette the Paladin TreasureHunter in /lightguard. Complete her quest to unlock pieces of the Sanctified Arbiter gear.

In the Necropolis

Talk to Artix in the /necropolis. All heroes can complete his quest to unlock the 0 AC, member-only* Ascended Armor Daimyo Battle Pet.

Artix also has a quest for heroes eager to add even MORE glowing epicness to their Blinding Light of Destiny. Complete it to unlock a new cosmetic version of the axe, the Sanctified Light of Destiny -- this version still does 75% extra damage to the Undead, but is EVEN SHINIER!

* If you do not have an active membership, Daimyo will be content to /rest in your inventory until it is time for his next adventure.

Don't miss the rest of this month's adventures. See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

The Legend of Daimyo

Once upon a time there was a feudal lord from a great Eastern Kingdom. He battled an evil Witch, who cursed him into the form of an adorable puppy. While undertaking the perilous quest to return to normal, he befriended and became the faithful companion of the Paladin, Artix. No one knows Daimyo's secret or what quest is required to return to normal. Mostly because every time he tries to speak it comes out as cheerfully high pitched, "Arf!"

In real life, Daimyo was by Artix's side since he started creating the original AdventureQuest. The story of how Daimyo came into his life is perhaps closer to the Legend... but the first time he looked up at me with those puppy eyes, he pierced my soul.  We both knew we were about to start an incredible adventure. 

Each year on his birthday, June 1st, heroes have been able to buy him inside our games as a pet for one day only. This started in the first game, and has become a yearly tradition. Several years ago, the real life Daimyo, Artix's faithful companion of over 15 years, left our world. He was the inspiration for Daimyo, the Undead Slaying Pomeranian, who appears in many of our video games-- where he will live on forever, as an iconic symbol of hope, loyalty, and cuteness.

And now, we want to make the Ascended Armor Daimyo Pet permanently available to battle alongside you on your adventures. He will be your constant undead-slaying battle companion for as long as you wish.

Leaving Soon: mark your calendars

Don't miss out on your favorite limited time events, stories, and gear! 

June 15: Sora's birthday daily gift item drops

June 30:

  • ShadowZard Rider June Seasonal Set
  • June 1 - 20 daily gift drops
  • June Seasonal Featured Gear Shop items

Daily Gift Schedule

Log in each day for a new server-wide reward item, boost, or drop rate increase. Bookmark the Daily Gift page to keep up to date with all of daily gifts! And don't miss the rest of this month's update. See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

Flash is Dead. AQWorlds lives on with the Artix Games Launcher!

Adobe, the maker of the Flash Player plug-in, stopped supporting Flash. But never fear! We built the Artix Games Launcher so you can continue playing AdventureQuest Worlds and your other favorite Artix Entertainment games.

Download the Launcher at, then log in and get back to battling right from your computer. No Flash Player or web browser needed.

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