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March 31, 2021



Just in time for National Garden month, we are proud to announce our newest MMOFGE (massively multiplayer online farming game event)... Gaiden GardenQuest Worlds: Tournament Edition! 

  • Defeat a new line-up of villainous Vegiyan bosses
  • Explore the town of Battleon, freshly plowed overflowing with monsters ready to kale you
  • Farm for bushels of new rewards: 30+ monster drops + 20 new merge shop items
  • Collect wagon-loads of painfully-punny new gear
  • Unlock a character page badge for completing the event

Talk to the Number One BattleOn Garden Arts Tournament Announcer to begin. 

Who will stand victorious today? Battle on to find out!

New LITERAL Farming Rewards

Farming for new gear can be time-consuming... but if you put in the effort, you'll reap the rewards! Battle the Vegiyans in battleontown to harvest a bounty of new reward items! (Over 50 new items for all players)

Event Rares in the Featured Gear Shop

No collection chest time this around. (Honest!) All of the prices you see in the rares shop are correct. From the free player gold Peasant Rags of Awe set to the 10 ACs, K? chest pet... all the way to the DOUBLE StarkCaster parody armor sets!

BattleFools (No Joke) Hub Town

Relive the laughter as you travel back in time to revisit all our previous April Fool's Battleon town maps. (None of the rare items will return, but you'll find a few new monsters with 0 AC reward drops).

Find and defeat the Rainbow Derpicorn to get its house item drop. Complete the quest to unlock a character page badge. DEEEEEEEEEEERP!

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