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December 08, 2023

Chilly's Frostval 2023 Gifting Event

Give the gift of holiday cheer by Donating ACs to your fellow Heroes

One of the best parts of our videogame community is seeing heroes helping each other. Chilly wants to help you and ALL the heroes of Lore have the merriest Frostval EVER, and he's back in Battleon NOW! That's why our AdventureCoin Gifting event is back* to give you a way to spread cheer to your fellow heroes and unlock rewards for your generosity. Our Frostval Gifting event will run from December 8th - January 3rd. Prize packs will be awarded later that week.

Talk to Chilly in Battleon and complete his Event Participation quest. Now your character is ready to give or receive AdventureCoins! Read on for more news about what the event is and what's changed since last year!

How to donate AdventureCoins to other heroes

Log in and talk to Chilly in Battleon. Choose to donate AdventureCoins, check out a list of all the generous Heroes who've donated, or see the items in the Generosity Coin Merge Shop. 

To donate:

  • Choose from a list of donation amounts. 
  • Confirm your choice.** 
  • Click the confirmation button and the game will choose a random hero to receive your gift! 

You can donate to a single random Hero in the following amounts:
250 / 500 / 1,000 / 1,500 / 2,000 / 5,000 / 10,000

You can donate to multiple individuals in the following amounts: 

  • 20,000 AC Multi-Gift: 10 heroes get 2,000 ACs each
  • 8,000 AC Multi-Gift: 8 heroes get 1,000 ACs each

Donation Details

  • You'll get one Generosity Coin the first time you donate each day (any donation amount qualifies).
  • Every donation you make counts toward unlocking additional rewards once the event ends.

Donation Rewards

  • Spend your Generosity coins or save them up to get gear from the seasonal merge shop.
  • All donators will unlock additional rewards just for donating. The more you donate, the more rewards you'll unlock!
  • You can see a list of the top 1,000 donators in your account manager here

The biggest change from last year's event is that instead of Leaderboard rank-based rewards, this year everyone that meets the reward tier goal will get the prize. Reward tiers are based on how much you donate, and there are no limits on how many people can get the reward.

Notes about this year's rewards and tiers:

  • The top four tiers will be unique armor sets
  • Only one tier with a "Frostval zone" house
  • Each tier has a unique badge. Character pages will display all the badges you've unlocked.
  • Tiers 2 - 7 automatically unlock all the 2023 Generosity Shop gear.
  • This year's new Generosity Coin Shop items will be in a new shop to help you easily find the gear.

* With a few changes and improvements. 

** Important note: we cannot refund your donation. The game will ask if you're sure you want to donate the amount you choose. Make sure you check and double-check before hitting the "confirm" button.

Frostval Gifting Rewards

Chilly always likes rewarding generosity. That's why he has exclusive rewards for heroes who donate to others. There are two types of rewards: Generosity Coin Merge Shop items + Donation Reward Packs.

Generosity Coins + Merge Shop

The first time you donate each day, you'll automatically get a Generosity Coin. Spend the Coins in the Merge Shop to get exclusive gear.

Generosity Coin Prices

  • Classes: 10 GC
  • Armors: 2-3 GC
  • Helms: 1 GC
  • Capes: 1-2 GC
  • Weapons: 1-2 GC
  • Pets: 2 GC
  • Fancy/Special: 2-3 GC

New Generosity Merge Shop Gear

  • Twilly's BFF Hoodie armor + helms
  • Twig's BFF Hoodie armor + helms
  • Zorbak's BFF Hoodie armor + helms
  • Underworld CryoCaster armor set
  • Glaceran Warlord Class + armor set
  • Magical Bean Twilly + Twig weapons
  • Royal Astravian Advocatus blade

Returning Generosity Merge Shop Gear

  • Garaja Armor, Morph, Staff
  • Bright Oracle weapons
  • Derp Star Sword
  • Festive Silver Star Blade + Staff
  • Frigid Wolf Staff + Scythe
  • Frozen Dracolich Pet
  • Halcyon Bow of Blessings
  • Key of Eternal Joy (imported from DragonFable)
  • PermaFrost Lightning Staff
  • Mini Aurora Cape
  • GlitterFrost Fairy armor set
  • PandaPlush armor set

The shop gear is seasonal, so if you can't get everything you want this year, you'll have another chance next year! This year's Generosity Coin merge shop also has a wider selection + variety of items, based on your feedback after last year's event.

Donation Reward Packs

Every time you donate ACs to a random Hero, it will contribute to your donation total. The more you donate, the more rewards you'll unlock!

Tier 7: 100,000 ACs Donated

  • Northlands Beast King armor set
  • Frostval Fa Bank Buddy (Hero-sized)
  • All item rewards from Tiers 1 - 6 + Generosity Coin Merge gear
  • Tier 7 Frostval 2023 Gifting character page + Book of Lore badge

Tier 6: 75,000 ACs Donated

  • Underworld Barbarian Chief armor set (color-customizable + regular variants)
  • All item rewards from Tiers 1 - 5 + Generosity Coin Merge gear
  • Tier 6 Frostval 2023 Gifting character page + Book of Lore badge

Tier 5: 50,000 ACs Donated

  • Cryozen's Dragonlord armor set
  • Cryozen Dragon cape
  • All item rewards from Tiers 1 - 4 + Generosity Coin Merge gear
  • Tier 5 Frostval 2023 Gifting character page + Book of Lore badge

Tier 4: 25,000 ACs Donated

  • God of Storms armor set (color-customizable)
  • All item rewards from Tiers 1 - 3 + Generosity Coin Merge gear
  • Tier 4 Frostval 2023 Gifting character page + Book of Lore badge

Tier 3: 10,000 ACs Donated

  • Safiria's Winter Castle House with:
  • Bank + multiplayer Armor & Hair Customizer*
  • All item rewards from Tiers 1 - 2 + Generosity Coin Merge gear
  • Tier 3 Frostval 2023 Gifting character page + Book of Lore badge

* These are not locked to owner-only

Tier 2: 5,000 ACs Donated

  • Holiday Chaos Twins Companion pet  (Hero-sized) with:
  • Hair & Armor Customizer Companion pet (click to swap customizer UI)
  • All item rewards from Tier 1 + Generosity Coin Merge gear
  • Tier 2 Frostval 2023 Gifting character page + Book of Lore badge

Note: art is still in progress. Image will be updated when it is ready.

Tier 1: 1,000 ACs Donated

  • Icy Vordred Pet & Battle Pet (Hero-Sized, Battlepet is non-member)
  • Tier 1 Frostval 2023 Gifting character page + Book of Lore badge

Note: art is still in progress. Image will be updated when it is ready.

All donators: 250 ACs Donated

  • Frostval 2023 Gifting character page

In addition to their exclusive prize packs, any hero that donates at least 5,000 ACs will automatically unlock all of the merge shop items in their Book of Lore badge shop at the end of the gifting event.

List of Top Donators

To recognize their generosity, we've got a list of the Top 1,000 Heroes who've donated during this event on our Frostval 2023 AC Gifting Event page. You can see that inside your account manager here

Want to donate anonymously? Hide yourself from the leaderboard! 
Last year, we added the option to hide yourself from the top donators list. That way, those who prioritize their privacy can still be generous without calling attention to themselves.

Frostval Gifting FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the requirements to donate a gift?

  • Complete opt-in quest (requires level 30+ and a confirmed email address)

What are the requirements to receive a gift?

  • Account at least 2 weeks old
  • Online in last 24 hours
  • Complete opt-in quest

How much can I donate per day? 
There is no limit to how many times you can donate each day. (There is a limit on how many upgrade packs an account can buy each day.)

How much can I win each day? 
There is no limit to how many times in a day you can receive a random AC gift.

Can I choose who gets my donation? 

Nope! In the spirit of the season, your gift will go to a random eligible hero. Make someone's day bright... even if you don't know who they are!

Can staff accounts get on the top donators list or give to players? 
Nope! Team members' staff accounts can only give to other staff accounts. They will not appear on the public list. Team members' normal (regular player/non-staff) accounts can give to other players and may appear on the top donators list.

How will I be notified if I get a gift? 
You'll see a message when you login if you've received a gift since your last login note

What are the reward tiers? Will they go rare?
Find more details on the reward tiers next week! Tier rewards will go rare, generosity shop gear is seasonal.

How long will this be available? 
Through January 9th, prizes to be awarded later on that week.

Does the amount of AC donated affect your merge coins received per donation? 
You can get a max of 1 Generosity Coin per day, awarded the first time you donate for the day. Every donation you make will contribute to your reward milestones total.

So, is this REALLY totally random? 
It really is! The game will look for any eligible account on any server and will randomly choose who to give your prize to. You cannot specify which character will get your ACs.

What if I'm offline? 
The game will look for any account that was logged in within the last 24 hours. If you aren't online when you get a gift, it will still be added to your account the next time you log in.

When do I get notified? 
There are currently a few ways of being notified you received a gift: when doing battles or switching maps in-game, or when you log in. 

What if I make a mistake and donate the wrong amount? 
The game will ask you each time if you’re sure you want to donate that amount. We cannot give refunds for incorrect donations, so please check and double-check before you hit the donate button and before you confirm the donation amount.

What if I pick the wrong item in the Generosity Shop? Can I get my Generosity Coin back? 
We cannot give refunds for Generosity Coin shop purchases, so please check and double-check before you spend a GC on an item in the merge shop. 

Can I see how much I've donated, or how much I've received? 
Yes! Log in to your account manager to see your gifts and what you've given.

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