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April 08, 2022

Build Back Battleon... But Better

Battling together, we triumph yet again!

After the Giant Chickencow's Meateor crashed into Battleon, the heroes of Lore banded together to defeat our first-ever world boss. This weekend, log in at and /join meateortown to battle a seasonal event version of the boss & create all-new reward gear!

  • /join meateortown to battle through a seasonal version of our April 2022 holiday event!
  • The Giant ChickenCow now has only 500,000 HP. 
  • Collect the Silver Defender of Battleon gear to create golden versions of it in Cysero's Meateor Merge Shop!

Other gear in the merge shop includes:

  • ChickCow + UnFowled BeastMaster sets
  • Pocky ManSlayers + Burgers of Destiny
  • Caladboard
  • Sweetie Cow Pet
  • Golden Savior of Battleon set

Meateor monster drops:

  • Silver Defender of Battleon set
  • Golden Healer, Rogue, Mage, Warrior armors
  • Altar of Caladbacon*
  • Chocoblade of Doom*
  • Slice of Awe*
  • Pocky ManSlayer
  • Skull with Stick
  • Burger of Destiny
  • Yulgar's Diner House (fully furnished member house)
  • Yulgar's 50s Inn (non-member house)
  • and more!

* These items were originally rewards from the Flaming Feathers quest. The rewards are now very VERY low drop rate monster drops. We're talking between .6% - 2.5% to keep it fair for the heroes who farmed last week.

Battleontown Restoration, Phase 1

The meateor DESTROYED town last week, so we asked the heroes of Lore to help raise gold to rebuild... and WOW, did you come through! Log in for the 1st round of updates: Yulgar's cap increase to 20, new interior art in several buildings, and more! 

Battleontown Restored, Phase I

Yulgar's Inn

  • Room cap raised to 20
  • Dart Board game returned 
  • Customization room made more accessible

Interior Art Updates

  • Yulgars inn-terior update 
  • Bank interior update
  • Trainers interior update
  • BASE Camp (formerly the Guild Hall)


The Guild Hall has been replaced by the BASE Camp, headquarters of the Battleon Adventurers, Seekers, and Explorers Guild! There are so many adventures, quests, areas, and challenges in the world that it can be hard to keep track of them all. That’s why you can talk to Treasure Hunter Z and browse the Explorer's Guide Book if you’re looking for something new to do.

Got a favorite adventure that you'd like more players to know about? Tell us what else you'd like to see added to the Guide Book!

Still to come:

  • An easier-to-use Curio Shop (ETA is next week, unless something explodes)**
  • New Guardian Tower interior (ditto)***
  • New art for the Trainer NPCs
  • A few adjustments to this week's updates based on your early feedback
  • Badge for donating 100 million gold
  • The 1 Trillion Gold goal... IF you unlock it. (Gold donation is still available and will remain so through next week at least.)

The exterior of the town has not been redone for two main reasons: 1) to keep it as consistent as possible with AQ:Mobile and 2) the townspeople like it that way. But in all reality... if you're REALLY eager for some new gardens or landscaping, share your thoughts and we may update more in a future release.

** Given the crazy week its been... this is likely! O_O
*** Double ditto.


We build silly things. Often. But never quite like we do during our April Fools events! This weekend, find even more shiny golden gear, the uber-punny ShroomKnight, the Caladbacon Blade, and the Sneevil Pilot mount armor in your Featured Rares Shop in the game menu. 

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